The Best Exercises You Can Do In Your Car

Many of us travel for work or commute upward of thirty minutes each day. While the grind is strenuous, you don’t need to stay completely stationary. Here are the best exercises you can do in your car.

Calf Raises

When you drive, your feet stay locked in the same position, operating the pedals while your hands steer the wheel. If you want to shake off that stiffness, try a few calf raises. These are great for when you need to get your blood pumping without moving too much. As the name suggests, calf raises target your lower legs through one swift, repetitive movement. Place your feet flat on the floor and raise your heels while forcing all your weight onto the balls of your feet. To increase the difficulty, put something heavy on your knees or lean forward in your seat.

Core Clenches

Car seats are notorious for putting form over comfort. How many times has your lower back hurt after extended periods in the car because the seat reclines too far and cushions your body in unhelpful places? In response, we sit up and reposition ourselves, so our lower back is flat against the hinge of the seat. Well, this is an excellent setup for core clenches. While sitting, straighten your back, so your head sits squarely on your neck and shoulders, and tense your core.

Elevated Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of the simplest maneuvers for building muscle in your chest, arms, and back. While it takes time to build up the endurance and strength to go more than a few reps at a time, push-ups are an excellent exercise for the traveler on the road. You can do two forms of elevated push-ups that modify the normal push-up movement. The first, easier form is to put your hands on the bumper and do push-ups at a ninety-degree angle. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, you can do an elevated push-up with the tips of your feet planted on the bumper. Extend your back, so it’s parallel with the ground, and push up from a greater height.

While you should only perform these workouts when the car is parked, the best exercises you can do in your car are accessible to you at any time. You should also exercise caution when you do these exercises. The temperature doesn’t just affect your tires, it takes a toll on you. If you do exercises in or around your vehicle in extreme heat or cold, you could put yourself in danger. To avoid this scenario, take your workouts to your room or another indoor area where the temperature is more stable.

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