Ten Best Casino Games With The Lowest Edge

Playing casino games online can be a relaxing pastime. With no physical casinos in Norway, choosing the best game to play at a casino can be confusing. One method of choice is to look at the house edge. House edge is the advantage that the game rules give to a casino. A lower house edge provides the player with a better chance of winning a prize.  

Not all games give the same house edge, so we will look at different ones to compare. Ensure that you access a reputable online casino by using a guide such as casino på nett norsk. Always keep in mind that side bets and different versions of the game will change the house edge. Nina Olsendburg, our expert here, helped us compile this list of the best casino games with the lowest house edge.  


At around 1,5% house edge, the best odds in a casino will usually be with blackjack. Play with a single deck, and anyone who can count to 21 has a chance of winning. The more cards in play, the higher the house edge becomes.


More straightforward bets such as don’t come/don’t pass give a house edge of only 1,4%. However, the house edge can increase to as much as 5% on some wagers.


This strategy game may be a little dull, but it makes it onto the list at 1,5% house edge on most bets. Gamblers can only place bets on banker, player, or tie. The player is the best bet because most casinos take a fee for bets on the banker. A wager on a tie increases the house edge.

Three-Card Poker

With a house edge of 1,5%, this game sails into the top 10. The catch is that it is a very fast-paced game, so it’s possible to deplete your budget in a short time.

Video Poker

The house edge on this game varies between 0,5% and 5%, depending on the version that you play. As a general rule, the simpler versions will give the player the best odds. Look for versions like Jacks or Better for favourable player returns.


Slots only made it to number six because it is one of the most popular casino gambling games. Unfortunately, the house edge is between 2% and 10%. Check the pay tables for the version that you want to play. If the house edge is too high, walk away.

European Roulette

European Roulette (with the single zero) has a house edge starting at 2,5%. The American version with double zero has a much larger house edge from 5,26%.

Pai Gow Poker

Based on the ancient Asian domino game, Pai Gow is fun to play. With a house edge of 2,5%, it’s still worth playing.

Caribbean Stud Poker

With a house edge starting at 5%, this game is almost not worth playing. There is a chance to win big but stick with the simpler versions of poker to avoid disappointment.


The online versions of this table game are very popular. With a house edge of between 4,82% and 6,39%, it slides into the last place on this list despite its popularity.

Although the house edge should be a determining factor in choosing your favourite online games, there are always other factors to consider. Casino War is an example of a game with a low house edge (from 2,32%) that was omitted from this list. With the possibility of playing up to 65 hands per hour, it is easy to lose track of your budget in this game.

The beginner should look for simple, fun games with good odds. Always keep an eye on your budget and walk away to play another day if you start to lose too much money.