Spin Bikes – How To Choose The Best One?


Are you fond of indoor cycling? This form of physical exercise is ideal for individuals whose busy work schedule prevents them from going to the gym or cycling in a nearby park. Spin bikes provide the same benefits of outdoor ridings, such as better cardiovascular health, weight loss, greater muscular strength, etc. 

Prior to purchasing an indoor bicycle, individuals are recommended to research the multitude of models in the market. The perfect spin cycle is supposed to have a belt drive system, magnetic resistance, lightweight flywheel, double-sided pedals, good Q factor, and a high-quality monitor. 

The tips below will help you buy the best model.

Pick the right drive system

The initial aspect to consider when shopping for a spin bike is the drive system, referring to the mechanism that connects the pedals and the crank. These indoor bicycles are either equipped with a chain drive or a belt drive system. The former is generally used in older models and resembles the chain system of outdoor bicycles. These systems are susceptible to deterioration, rather noisy, and provide a limited number of models. 

The belt drive system uses a rubber belt instead of a chain to turn the flywheel. Consequently, this type of mechanism is less prone to damage and produces virtually no noise. The price of spin bikes with belt drive is substantially reduced due to the increasing number of models with such a system in the market. Read hereabout the benefits and drawbacks of belt-driven bicycles. 

Consider the resistance

The following thing to take into account is the type of resistance, which affects the overall performance of the spin cycle. Models with friction resistance use pads to put pressure on the flywheel to make the spinning process more difficult for indoor cyclists. These variants are inexpensive but less durable when compared to those with magnetic resistance. The pads are supposed to be regularly replaced in order to use the bicycle for years. 

In contrast, models with magnetic resistance use no pads but a magnet to enhance resistance. The magnet has to move close to the wheel to make spinning harder. These spin bikes are considerably pricier in return for better durability. Anyhow, the cyclist has no full control of the spin cycle resistance, given the minimum and maximum rate is predetermined. 

Check the flywheel weight

When shopping for a spin bike, buyers are expected to check the weight of the flywheel, which ranges from at least fourteen kg to a maximum of twenty kg. The flywheel is designed to store rotational, otherwise known as kinetic, energy for the purpose of simulating pedal motion. Models with heavy flywheels are known to store a greater amount of kinetic energy, thus providing good stability and resistance. 

Light flywheels have a better capacity of storing rotational energy while putting less pressure on one’s knees. Nowadays, most of the high-end indoor studio cycles are equipped with light flywheels to provide excellent resistance. When looking for such a model, be prepared to pay a higher price. 

Consider the pedals

Since your feet will be constantly placed on the pedals, make sure these provide maximal control and functionality. You can choose between models with single-sided and double-sided pedals, the former also known as flat pedals. The single-sided type resembles the one used in outdoor bicycles, equipped with a toe cage to prevent the feet from moving. However, these toe cages are inconvenient for spin cyclists who prefer wearing cycling shoes. 

Dual-sided pedals are suitable for individuals looking for better pedaling efficiency. Spin bikes with such pedals provide cyclists with greater control and enable them to endure arduous workouts. This model keeps feet secured while allowing cyclists to wear any kind of shoes they find comfortable. 

Don’t forget the Q factor

The Q factor is of the utmost importance when choosing a spin bike, referring to the distance between the crank arms. The most optimal Q factor is believed to be at least 155mm to 175mm. Cyclists with wide hips would benefit from a higher Q factor because of their anatomy. Anyhow, spin bikes with a wide Q factor are known to provide less efficiency and comfort. 

Spin cycles with a narrow Q factor, on the other hand, provide a similar experience to that of riding an outdoor bicycle. Keep in mind that models with an extremely low factor are detrimental for performance and may cause pain in the lower body joints.

Consider adjustability

In order for riders to enjoy their spinning sessions, spinning bikes are supposed to provide the necessary adjustability. Spin cyclists of different height and sizes should be able to adjust the seat and handlebars to the perfect position.

Hence, bicycles with horizontal adjustment are limited in the adjustment options, as you can either adjust the seat or the handlebars. Consequently, such models are unsuitable for overly tall people. These indoor bicycles are usually equipped with a steel seat, which makes them heavy and prone to corrosion. 

Furthermore, spin bikes with horizontal and vertical adjustments allow riders to adjust both the seat and the handlebars of the bicycle. These models can be used by cyclists of various sizes, which is ideal for family members that share a single spinning cycle. Go to this link, https://www.wikihow.com/Adjust-a-Spinning-Bike, to check out some useful tips about adjusting a spinning bike.

Check the quality of the monitor

Most models of spin bicycles come with monitors in order for users to keep track of their workout statistics. Anyhow, the quality of these monitors varies across different models. High-end spinning bikes are armed with top-notch monitors, which show various data like the number of burnt calories, speed, distance, etc. Some models even have Bluetooth and a heart rate monitor. Conversely, low-end indoor bicycles have monitors that show just basic statistics and lack Bluetooth. 

Final word

Indoor cycling is an ideal way of staying active in the course of the pandemic.

You’ll be amazed by the benefits a spin bike has on overall health! 


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