Security Risks To Buy League Matches Tickets Online


Online purchasing has been a top activity for at least half a decade now and with the increase in the amount of amenities you can gain access to in just the click of a button, it can be said that there is indeed no end in sight. This was exactly why I was not hesitant to make my purchase while lying down one day to gain access to some leagues match tickets.  The best credit cards will give you rewards for any purchase you do.  Even if you are just starting out or have bad credit, I would recommend you credit cards for bad credit.  I had my credit cards beside my bed and my willingness to watch a match live was never greater.

Unfortunately, my first experience turned out to be a nightmare because I was told that the real ticket would be sent to me by courier, and I could keep my electronic ticket as an alternate too. The courier never arrived, and on match day these electronic tickets were not accepted by the security. In simple terms: I had been robbed! But I do not want my fellow readers to suffer from the same fate, and would like to highlight some risks associated with buying match tickets online.


Prepayment is the most risky way of making an online purchase if you are demanding a tangible good that you need delivered. I strongly advise everyone to go for cash-on-delivery as your mode of payment because once your money goes there is a chance that your provider simply disappears. You can write a bad review, stop business with them, or curse all you want, but after suffering from a financial loss all these banters become meaningless, so avoid it as much as you can.

Proper Ticket

I was conveniently told by my provider that my ticket was a perfect alternative in case my real ticket did not arrive on time, and I took his word. Here’s where you need to be very careful; please ensure that the league match you want to go and enjoy does accept electronic tickets or such alternatives otherwise you could be a victim of a scam like I was.

Peak Times

Now this is where the degree of financial loss comes into place; I bought my ticket about three days from the match from an online seller who had given a well-established webpage as the way to provide him the amount he needs. By this time the ticket costed at least four times than what the starting price was, and this was not even a prime/luxury seat. Considering how I did not see the scam coming, my love for the game compelled me to take the risk, and I soon regretted it, so in peak times the chances of you being robbed by online brokers is much greater.

Fund Destination

Wherever you spend your money, make sure you’re cautious and that you trust the other party.  With the advancements in technology promoting such scams makes each transaction more doubtful than the previous. If you get any hints about the destination of the credit not being where you want it to be, avoid making the transaction.


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