Safety Guidelines For The Youth Playing Baseball

Baseball is a popular sports game played by children and grown ups all over the world. It is known to have originated in France, because one of very old French games is very similar to baseball. However, the first baseball match was played in England in the 18th century. Baseball involves the use of a bat and a ball. There are two rival teams against each other, each consisting of nine players. The player with the bat hits the ball thrown his way by the pitcher and runs across four bases and has to return to his own before the other team throws the ball on his base.


Since there is a lot of running involved, chances of falling and getting hurt in this game, players need to be extra careful about their safety. This article will specifically provide information on how the youth playing baseball can try and be safe as much as possible, along with some extra tips on which gloves are not going to give you any hand injuries in extreme cases.


Starting off with the uniform, the game is meant to be played wearing it’s special suit. Although if you go to the store to buy one, you’d get kneepads and elbow pads with it, you need to be more careful. Children these days do not pay much attention to being safe, they are just interested in playing the game. They should get extra padded kneecaps and extra padded elbow pads. This will prevent the common knee and elbow injuries caused by falling on the ground whilst running or getting hit. These injuries are harsh and can cause fractures to the bone if not supported with extra paddings.

Secondly, one should invest in high quality original baseball cleats. These are available at most sportswear stores. They might be expensive, but they are more than worth it. If you aren’t too sure which ones will be best for your child, it could be beneficial to read some reviews of baseball cleats to make sure your child will be comfortable whilst playing the sport. Knowing children, they are more than likely to be running around more than required. When they run, they are careless about what’s in front of them on the ground and might stumble and fall. Even if they run just the right amount, cheap quality shoes will not do them a favor. They will fall and get injured. Therefore, getting high-grade baseball shoes, which are made specifically for the game, will make the kids happy and keep them safe on the field as well. Also, they’ll improve their chances of winning. The Under Armour Kids Baseball cleats are the best baseball cleats for your kids. These are not very expensive and have amazing reviews.

The gloves are very important. Even if the children are not pitching the ball, wearing high quality baseball gloves will be a great choice. Although they cannot directly help improve the performance of the player, they will provide comfort and safety insurance so the kid can play more confidently. Which in turn may turn out to help him perform better indirectly. The Easton ZFX 901 from their Youth Series is a highly rated, best youth baseball glove for your kids. It will provide safety from hand injuries as it has a closed web and open back. Another one to check out is the Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Glove.


One of the most popular baseball injuries occurs on the shoulders. Therefore it is important for kids to wear shoulder paddings to prevent these injuries. They can be very painful and take a long time to get healed. Injuries on shoulders can even cause fractures. Kids fall a lot in baseball so this has a high risk of happening. Wearing extra paddings and keeping balance and focus in the game will help prevent this.

The last tip for the youth playing baseball is to have all your focus on the game and your mind awake. Do not fall victim to any pressure whether it be from the other team or from the crowd cheering. Staying safe from getting hit by the bat or the ball is very important. Staying attentive about what’s going on around you is the best way to prevent an injury. Be aware of your surroundings because other children can be aggressive about the game. Stay positive and don’t get into fights as well. Listen to your coach and be responsive to him. Play with your partners as a team and don’t get too involved with the equipment in the field.

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  1. Safety is the most important aspect in the game, A player should always concern his/her safety first. Otherwise they can get a serious injury during the game. These guidelines can be very helpful in safety…

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