Richard Sherman And The Seattle Seahawks – A Perfect Reunion

The offseason for the Seattle Seahawks has been interesting, to say the least, and while there are still many uncertainties with the team and it has yet to be answered how Russell Wilson will mend relationships in the locker room, there is one move that could delight fans.

Signing Richard Sherman. The infamous member of the ‘Legion of Boom’ is sitting there for the taking, and I can think of nothing that would delight the 12th Man more than inking a guy who has so much Seahawks history under his belt.  It is rumored that Sherman and John Lynch have already mutually agreed to part ways, and Sherman would like to play two more years for a competitive team. This seems like the perfect opportunity to pull a Marshawn and come back for a few more seasons while Russ is in his prime, and the secondary could use some major mentoring help.

Sherman may not be the player we remember seeing during the 2013-2015 run, but he still balled out when he was in San Francisco. There were questions about whether or not the Hawks should keep Sherman before they ultimately released him in 2017. Some thought he would not be the same player he was, and the Hawks cut the tie.

But Sherman proved to be massively useful in San Francisco, and his excellent 2019 season led the Niners to the Super Bowl, one they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was an incredible chapter in my career, and I got to meet and play with some incredible human beings,” Sherman said. “I met some phenomenal coaches, and obviously the relationships that were forged will be lifetime connection, and my relationship with ‘The Faithful’ has obviously evolved during that time, which has been a pretty cool arc in the story. And I’m grateful for it.”

One has to wonder whether or not Sherman wants to return to Seattle. It was a bold move for him to sign with San Francisco when he left, a team he had a bitter rival with that stemmed from his relationship with Michael Crabtree. When Sherman signed there, it almost seemed as if it was fueled by vengeance.

Money was definitely an issue for Sherman in Seattle, and he did not appreciate that there was no guaranteed money during his years there. Sherman said when he was released, San Francisco was quick to call. According to Sherman, it was the only team he even visited, and he quickly had a deal with them that was loft, guaranteed, and of mutual interest. He also said that getting to play Seattle twice a year was a perk. Here is what the defensive back had to say when he signed with San Francisco.

“Under my previous contract with Seattle, I had no guaranteed money for 2018. In my new deal with the 49ers, I get a guaranteed $3 million signing bonus right off the bat and another $2 million if I pass a physical before November 11, which is the last day a team can bring a player off the PUP list. And in a sport where contracts aren’t fully guaranteed, money in hand is better than anything. So $5 million for just signing the contract and passing a physical is a big win for me.”

So the first question really is whether or not there is mutual interest at all, but probably the more important question is whether or not he is worth it.

Sherman was never able to play a full season in the bay area. His high was 15 games back in 2019. Last year, Sherman saw action on the field in just five games. So it seems obvious to me that if Sherman were to return, he would not be an every-down cornerback. In fact, he would probably be a second-string guy who you are hoping stays off the injured list.

In 2012 and 2013, he had a league-high eight interceptions, and his other season-high was four. He never had more than three for the Niners and while that isn’t a massive red flag, being a ball hog was the biggest part of his game. Basically, every statistic has gone down for Sherman, and he is entering his age-33 season.

I am on board for the Hawks making this signing. For one, the fans need something to cheer about after a brutal offseason where their franchise quarterback wanted out, they didn’t do a TON in free agency, and the draft was a bust with just a few picks. So signing a beloved guy in Seattle isn’t a bad start.

The other thing I would really like about a signing like this is how Sherman could impact the younger guys. With Jamal Adams there, he obviously isn’t the go-to defensive back anymore, but he should know his role, especially if he is signing somewhere because he thinks it gives him a great shot at winning. At this point in his career, there aren’t many things he could accomplish that would be better than a Super Bowl ring.

And with all that being said, we know that there is something that Sherman truly prioritizes, and it is money. There are probably a few other suitors out there that are taking a look at the cornerback, and there is a good shot that one of those teams is better fits than the Seahawks.

The New Orleans Saints are probably near the top of the list for Sherman, especially since they just hired Kris Richard, the architect of the ‘Legion of Boom.’ The Saints could use secondary help, and reuniting Richard with one of his star players seems like a bit of a no-brainer.

The other team that seems to be on everyone’s lips are the New York Jets. This team doesn’t seem to be as much of a fit for me, considering the Jets are nowhere even near playoff contention. I get that their head coach was Sherman’s defensive coordinator in San Francisco, but if he is serious about just winning one more Super Bowl title, this doesn’t make sense.

Seattle is a good fit, and if it doesn’t break the bank for the Hawks, which it shouldn’t, I think this would be a perfect reunion.