Rampage Could Do Without The Nastiness Of US Fight Fans

Rampage Jackson Not So Fond of US Fans

Over the course of his long career in mixed martial arts, Quinton Rampage Jackson has traveled to three continents to fight, exposing himself to many different fans from various countries. But, when the former UFC light heavyweight champion enters the cage with Chael Sonnen in the first round of the Bellator heavyweight tournament on the 20th of January next year in Inglewood, California, it will not be in front of his favorite audience. According to Jackson, the worst fight fans in the world are those who hail from America!

It’s Something Fans Should Work On

Jackson stated on Wednesday that although he was American, and he loved his country, the fans from this part of the world are the worst. He added that he understood he would probably have some negative reactions to his statement, but he was prepared to stand by it, and that he hoped US fight fans would take a look at their behavior and correct it. His head was in the game and his mindset was unclouded, and he wouldn’t let anything get in his way.

Negative Commentary by Fans Amplified by Social Media Platforms

Everything is easier to do these days -from the betting NZ makes available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, to delivering an harangue on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Jackson informed the press that, in the USA, there were many fair-weather fans, who cheer fighters on when they’re successful, but lash out as soon as a bout is lost, with nasty comments popping up on all sorts of public platforms. Comparing this to his Japan experience, where some of his best memories of his entire career were formed, he said it had a rather profound experience on him. He said they were without social media while he was there, and, simply because he didn’t understand Japanese, he didn’t know about any hurtful comments or nasty opinions regarding his work.

Japan’s Fight Fans Get More of a Show

Jackson added that, thanks to this fighting spirit and support, whenever he heads to that part of the world, he is very aware of delivering an exciting fight.

He said that risking losing a fight was standard, since it added tension to the experience, but that this was not the case in fights taking place in America. He spoke of fighters game-planning, being scared of making a mistake, and focusing on a very methodical approach to clashes so as to minimize any possibility of a loss. He said fighters in the USA fight to win, without giving entertainment a thought, and that this made watching these bouts boring quite often.

Constructive Criticism from Rampage

Jackson rounded his critique off with some constructive advice for fans from the United States. He suggested that they make use of the social media platforms at their disposal to send defeated fighters encouragement and support rather than hateful commentary. He urged fans to not abandon their fighters when a loss occurred, adding that this was when they were most needed. He urged spectators to lift fighters’ spirits instead of saying awful things for everyone to see.