Quarantine Yourself With These Classic Pacific Northwest Sports Moments

Jan 8, 2010; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (24) stiff arms New Orleans Saints cornerback Tracy Porter (22) en route to a touchdown in the fourth quarter of the 2011 NFC wild card playoff at Qwest Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Sports. That’s what we want right now, and that’s exactly what’s missing from all this free time spent in our homes—sports. 

While the world watched ESPN conclude its Horse Tournament last night (assuming you did anyway—I have zero issue telling you I watched exactly zero seconds of that special) those who stuck it out were probably left wondering: what do I watch now before the Michael Jordan documentary drops this Sunday? 

And the answer is this: a special blend of PNW roasted sports classics starring your favorite players from yesteryear. 

We’ll kick things off with some extra special moments in Portland Trail Blazers history, visit our favorite Seattle Seahawks games, and round out the schedule with some key playoff victories for the Seattle Mariners. 

Portland Trail Blazers

1977 NBA Finals Game 6: Portland Vs Philadelphia

The only playoffs that ever ended correctly for Portland, led by superstar center Bill Walton, as they clinched the first championship in franchise history. It’s Portland’s first playoff run, and the first Finals following the ABA-NBA merger the year prior. Peak Walton vs. peak Dr. J for all the marbles. If you haven’t seen this classic game yet, there’s no time like the present. 

1992 NBA Finals Game 2: Portland Vs Chicago

This game knotted the Finals and made it a four-game tournament with the series shifting back to Portland. You could tell that the Bulls weren’t going to be able to just send Portland away after this one, even if the series didn’t end the way we all wanted. It’s peak Clyde vs. peak Jordan, and overtime to boot. 

2011 First Round Game 4: Portland Vs Dallas

Brandon Roy’s Superman game, where he rallied the Blazers back from down 20 to shock and shock some more the eventual-champion Dallas Mavericks. LeBron and the Heat only took the Mavs to five games in the Finals, while Roy and the ‘Zers took them to six. Do with that whatever you like.

Special – 1991 First Round Game 1: Portland Vs Seattle

Want to see Clyde Vs Kemp and Porter Vs Payton in the Memorial Coliseum where the Blazers are the best team in the league? Well now you can! This loss may sting extra for the Sonics fans still out there, but who knows, it might be fun to see their team in their former glory making highlights reels go nuts. 

Seattle Seahawks

2010 Wild Card versus Saints

It was an unlikely upset victory for the Seahawks, as they entered this game the first team in NFL history to win their division with a losing record. Don’t tell that to these ‘Hawks, however, as they took down the defending champions (who failed to win their own division) and unleashed Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Quake” to the world. The NFL would never be the same again, and Pete Carroll’s dynasty was just a couple of draft picks away from taking over the league in the coming years. 

2012 week 6 against versus Patriots

The “U MAD BRO?” game, that some say officially established the Legion Of Boom. Down 10 late in the game, Seattle mounted an unlikely comeback and upset the visiting New England Patriots, with the pos- game, let’s call it “handshake” between Tom Brady and Richard Sherman not going well. The line thrown by Sherman at Brady would create a Hall of Fame-worthy internet meme that is still circulated today.

2013 NFC Championship versus 49ers

The passing of the torch from Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers to Pete Carroll’s Seahawks. The visiting 49ers were the Super Bowl runner-ups (ok let’s call it like it is, they were the Super Bowl losers) the year prior, and were looking to get back to the big game. Seattle had other intentions, taking the lead late in the game, and Sherman’s coverage on Michael Crabtree forcing the game sealing interception in their own end zone set up a very awkward postgame interview with Erin Andrews. The Seahawks were on top of the world, and only had two weeks to prepare for the highest scoring offense in NFL history. Read on for spoilers…

Special: It’s not a fun game to watch all the way through per se, but if you want to watch a blowout where Seattle makes all the right plays and Denver makes all the wrong ones, knock yourself out with the 2014 Super Bowl, one of the most insanely lopsided games in Super Bowl history. 

Seattle Mariners

There aren’t a ton of good playoff memories in the Mariners’ 42 seasons (so far, waiting on you 2020) but we were able to dig up a couple gems. 

2001 ALCS Game 3 – Seattle blasts the Yankees for 14 runs, and on their own turf, no less. It would be a short-lived victory as the Bronx Bombers would wrap up the series in Game 5, but it was a victory nonetheless. This is also the M’s first season with fan favorite Ichiro Suzuki. This would be the M’s last playoff appearance to date. 

2000 ALCS game 5 – Alex Rodruquez’s short-lived tenure as the new face of the franchise takes Seattle back to the ALCS for the first time since 1995. Facing elimination in Game 5 at home, they rallied to extend the series for a memorable and high-scoring Game 6 back in New York. 

1995 ALDS Game 5 – The Kid and Randy Johnson (in a rarely seen relief appearance) team up to lead the M’s past the Yankees and on to their first ALCS appearance in franchise history. Ken Griffey Jr set things up with a home run in the top of the eighth that put the team in position to tie the game. Johnson would take the mound in the ninth and Edgar Martinez would finish the job for the M’s with a double in the bottom of the 11th that brought home the winning run in the person of Griffey Jr.

Special: Watch the MLB Network Presents The 1995 Mariners, Saving Baseball in Seattle

A feature documentary showcasing the team and how they stopped a plan to move to Florida – by being fun, and winning. 

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