Prosise-ly! C.J.’s Injury Opens Door For The Rawls Royce

The Seattle Seahawks have redefined a revolving door at the running back position this year. From Christine Michael, to Thomas Rawls to C.J. Prosise and even Alex Collins to that brief bad experiment with C.J. Spiller, they are literally piecing together their backfield. Prosise got injured on Sunday against the Eagles (although he looked good before getting hurt), giving way to a fresh off the injured list Thomas Rawls.

Finally, Rawls looks healthy.  With all due respect to Prosise, who I think will be a great No. 2 back, the Rawls Royce is back. He bulldozed linebackers, added several yards to runs that should have gone nowhere on Sunday and ultimately looked like the premier back the Seahawks need for a title run.

Earlier this year I wrote a column about how Rawls was poised for a big year and ready to be the Marshawn Lynch-like back that every Seahawks fan expects. Although that hasn’t even remotely panned out, it doesn’t mean the second half of the season will make me look super stupid.

Right now, I’m only half stupid.


Thomas Rawls – or the Rawls Royce – will now be the feature back after the Seahawks felt the need that Christine Michael had a way too feminine of a first name to be a running back in the National Football League.

I’m just kidding, that wasn’t the reason. If you look at his numbers and compare it to other teams across the league, you would realize the Seahawks were underperforming at the running back position. With Prosise unfortunately going down, it is time from the Rawls Royce to dazzle the fans and help the Seahawks take control of the NFC West.


Rawls won’t be alone. Apparently, this is turning into referencing past columns I have published. If you haven’t noticed, Jimmy Graham is going nuts for Russell Wilson and having a great year as he emerges as more than just a goal-line threat. Third and nine? Let’s find Jimmy Graham. Third and four? Now the defense is interested…. Do we cover Graham and Doug Baldwin or worry about Rawls in the backfield?

That’s when Wilson does damage.

Rawls provides the offense balance to get to second or third and short when they can really open up the playbook. Michael didn’t really do that – sorry buddy. Prosise was ready to do that, but he got hurt. I can’t wait for him to come back though, because he will be a great compliment to the Rawls Royce style of running.


Sorry friends, it will be a short story this week. I am adjusting to a new computer and the keyboard is designed differently, so I keep typing ‘page up’ instead of ‘shift’ for capital letters. The kids don’t have school this week though, so I am off from my ‘real’ job! I hope to get a second column up this week.

I wish Seattle would play Dallas on Thanksgiving. That would be awesome.

The rest of the schedule for the Seahawks looks fairly winnable with an away game against a struggling Green Bay team or possibly a home game against Carolina as the only toss-up games.  The NFL never lets us down with surprises and upsets, but now with the running game fixed and an ultimately impressive defense – the Seahawks are smelling the Super Bowl.

Ignore the injuries to Earl Thomas and DeShawn Shead come next week. In a perfect world, Jameis Winston will get arrested again for stealing seafood from a Publix grocery store before game time, but even if he doesn’t – go Seahawks. If you aren’t familiar with the Winston story I am referring to, please Google it. That is what happens when your kids go to Florida State.

Go Ducks! Go Seahawks! Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy if with your family…unless half of you are Beaver fans and half of you are Duck fans…then it’s going to be a little awkward. Good luck!

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