Portland Trail Blazers Share Damian Lillard’s Top Plays Of 2019-20 NBA Season

The 2019-20 NBA season was, in many ways, a year to forget for the Portland Trail Blazers. Odds are, even if the campaign resumes, Rip City will not end up in the playoffs, ending a streak that dates back to 2014. 

But on Monday, the Blazers themselves took to Twitter to remind fans that it wasn’t all bad. And as he often is, Damian Lillard was responsible for the good vibes. 

Portland released a highlight video to jump start another week of social distancing by spotlighting Lillard’s best plays. And in case you were wondering if they got it all…it’s a 9:03 study from opening night on with dunks, drives, of course deep balls—the works. 

That’s the thing about Lillard. He’s a shooter, yes, but he’s so much more. His highlights don’t discriminate—they dazzle. 

In the midst of a confusing, if at times sincerely sad year, it’s easy to forget how good Dame was this season. It’s easy to forget that for a brief but unbelievable stretch, Lillard was the best player in the entire NBA. 

Although the video above doesn’t make up for what may end up being a lost year, it gives us something that might otherwise feel hard to come by at the moment: a reason to smile. 

Cliche as it may sound, sometimes it really is about the journey. And while the true destination may be a title, I’m down to journey with Dame until we get there.