Portland Trail Blazers Seize Control Of Race For Eighth Place In Western Conference

“It’s Dame time” – you’ve heard this phrase for hundreds of times – that’s how many times Lillard changed the course of the game. Portland will play against LAL and it’s time for Dame to shoot his shot again. James and Davies are a new dominating duo in Western conference, so Damian will have to work twice hard to beat them. Carmelo is someone that Lillard trusts. Anthony has a perfect season, who could believe that this player would change the outcome of this season. Anthony’s high percentage and changed mentality gave a boost to Lillard. After the match against Memphis, Lillard said that the whole team has a feeling of ‘urgency’, ‘pace’ and ‘everything’ to win the last matches before the play-off. 

In the match against Doncic’s team, Damian Lillard scored 61 points during the Western Conference play-in. The Blazers won over Dallas with a 134-131 on Tuesday night. Portland is now the top candidate for No 8 holding half-game lead over three other candidates. After the match against Memphis, Dame said that he is not going to waste time in Orland and along with Carmelo, they could secure the spot in play-offs – that’s what happened on Saturday against Memphis. Lillard with 31 points and Carmely with 21, Portland could make a little miracle in the fourth quarter and win the match. Now LeBron James and LA are waiting for Lillard & co in the play-off – it will be fun. 

During the lockdown, playing basketball on digital platforms was favorite thing for Portland fans

Basketball is enormously popular in the USA. The top players from all around the world come to these countries to become a part of the NBA. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, all sports competitions and matches were either canceled or delayed until further notice. Now, many athletic tournaments start adjusting to the new conditions and hold the matches either without the spectators, like soccer and baseball, or online like Tour de France. But when people had no competitions to watch, video gaming and iGaming became even more popular. iGaming is increasingly popular throughout the world. Digital casino platforms offer not only the traditional gaming forms such as poker tables, slot machines, roulette and poker but also mind-blowing story-lines particularly created for iGaming lovers. Sports and biggest events in sports were adapted to iGaming platforms. Casino players, who missed NBA games, could play casino live games online with the theme of basketball. Live casino games are very popular during the pandemic because it actually gives the feeling and vibes of competition. Basketball is a perfect sport for iGaming platforms. It is competitive and can be played with multiple players. So, it is a good reason for a get-together. Online entertainment is especially popular now because so many live matches are still suspended. Basketball does not suffer from the lack of fandom, but video gaming and iGaming definitely made it more popular and provided the world that resembles the NBA for the fans.

CJ McCollum playing with fractured vertebra

NBC Sports Northwest reporter Dwight Jaynes reported that the Portland Trail Blazers’ player CJ McCollum has been playing with a fractured vertebra in his lower back. His absence will be a big blow for the Portland Trail Blazers’. McCollum did struggle during the game and had some misses that are very unusual for a player of his scale. Dwight Jaynes from NBC Sports Northwest reported about this after the Portland Trail Blazers won over Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference play-in and became the top candidate for No 8 seeding. It is not clear whether CJ McCollum will continue playing or will need surgery. The unnamed source said that the athlete is in a lot of pain. The Portland Trail Blazers need to win one game to make it to play-offs.