Olympic Games Moved To 2021 – Could This Now Be In Doubt?

If you read the news and follow sport, then you will all know that the Olympic games is one of many sporting events to have been postponed this year. This is all down to the coronavirus pandemic, that has continued to spread around the world and leading to endless troubles for organisations, companies and life in general. Improvements are now being seen in many areas, as lockdowns are slowly starting to be eased with tensions rising. The US has seen many people protesting against the lockdown, with Texas reopening, despite the rise in cases.

The Olympic games had originally been scheduled for this summer in Tokyo, Japan. The games have now been moved to 2021, and will be taking place between Friday 23rd of July, before ending on Sunday 8th of August. That means it is the first time in history that the Summer Olympics has been postponed, with the event having previously been cancelled on three occasions. This was in 1916, 1940 and 1944. Each occasion due to a World war taking place. Bet365 have already started offering odds on different events for the games next year, since it being rescheduled, which is positive news.

However, it has now been reported by Virus expects that the Tokyo Olympics is also unlikely to happen in 2021. This will come as shocking news for so many athletes, who have trained their entire lives for the games, and they could potentially see this again postponed or even cancelled. They claim that this is due to the fact that the virus is likely to not be fully contained around the world by then, which gives a stark indication that we are now in this situation for a long period of time. That means it may be hugely difficult to stage a large scale international event, with over 200 countries of guests and athletes set to travel over to Japan for the games.

A recent report is also claiming that the current Covid-19 pandemic is likely to last two years, which would add further doubt into whether the games will go ahead next year. The implications of this are going to be vast. Not only on the money involved if the event has to be moved again, but also for the economy of Japan and how this is going to affect athletes in general and their preparations. Let’s just hope the situation improves and we can see the games take place next year, which would result in a world-wide celebration.

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