Let’s Get Kraken – 5 Merchandise Items For Seattle Hockey Fans

With the announcement of Seattle’s new hockey team now a few weeks behind us, excitement has started to dwindle. People have come back from the big reveal coma and are now focusing their energy toward all the merch they can get their sanitized hands on. 

Although Climate Pledge Arena’s environmentally friendly “green ice” is still a year away, let’s drop anchor (and money) into some warmer water. 

These are the top five merch items for Kraken fans right now.

  1. Cuff Knit Beanie

Probably the current sleeper item, but definitely set to be the most popular. Soon to be atop the head of every barista in King County, the Kraken beanie will be the siren song for crusty Seattleites everywhere. A little funny looking, a little functional, 100% Willem Dafoe. The only question(s) you’ll be asking yourself is “why didn’t I get one while I had the chance, and why is this guy’s already so dirty and have holes in it?” 

The answer? They’ve been fans since before it was cool, and they’re definitely a bigger fan than you. Get over it.

  1. Heather Gray Team Lockup Hoodie

Although there are a plethora of hoodies to choose from, this one stands apart from the rest. Nothing shows how truly Northwestern you are than going completely anti-waterproof. It rains here a lot, but screw your raincoat. Just get used to it. No other hoodie will show how much water you soaked up while standing in line for the game than this gray masterpiece of a sponge. If you’re lucky enough, you might just get to ring it out in one of the stadium sinks and say you contributed to the ice.

  1. ISlide Primary Logo Stripe Slide Sandals

While your favorite team is sliding into the Stanley Cup Finals, you could be sliding around your home in style. If you’re a true fan, you know how essential it is to be decked out from head to toe, and these cover the latter perfectly. Although there are many different options, don’t be a chump; get the navy blue pair and match your team. 

  1. WinCraft Face Covering 3-Pack

Cover all of your bases (and multiple faces) with the holy trifecta of masks. Two blue and one gray so you’re able to color coordinate with the jerseys you’ll surely buy when they become available. Plus, you have all team logos covered with these bad boys.

All jokes aside, please just wear a mask already, people. Come on.

  1. Authentic Inglasco Basic Model Hockey Puck

Why the puck are you even questioning this one? Just hurry up and buy it, already. Or go big and get it signed.

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