Lesser-Known Health Benefits To Regular Cycling

We all know that cycling is a great form of exercise. Not only does this fantastic form of cardiovascular exercise help your heart, but it also works nearly every muscle in your body. 

Cycling is a simple form of exercise. It doesn’t take a great deal of skill or expertise to be able to enjoy it. 

But aside from the obvious, well-documented health benefits, there are some other really good reasons why you should get on your bike. 

According to Pedallers, here are some of the lesser-known health benefits to regular cycling. 

You’ll Have A Lower Risk Of Developing Cancer

There have been a number of different studies that prove that performing the regular exercise will lower the risk of you developing cancer.  However, there are certain studies that have found that cycling is a particularly effective form of exercise that is especially good at keeping the cells in your body in healthy working order. 

A study in Finland established the fact that men who undertook moderate exercise for just thirty minutes each day were half as likely to develop cancer in comparison to those that didn’t exercise. 

In another study, it was found that women who frequently ride their bikes could see up to a 34% reduction in the chance of getting breast cancer. 

You’ll See An Increase In Your Life Expectancy 

By just cycling 45 minutes three times per week, you’ll appear to be nine years ‘biologically’ younger. That’s according to a study at Kings College, London. 

This is because this level of exercise is good for reducing severe health problems such as heart disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. 

In a study of Tour de France cyclists, it was found that the average life expectancy of a professional rider was 81.5 in comparison to the national average of 73.5 years. 

You’ll Look Younger

Stanford University scientists believe that cycling regularly can protect your skin against ultraviolet radiation and as a result, lessen the signs of aging.  

This is due to the increase in your circulation through exercise which delivers nutrients and oxygen to your cells in a more effective manner, making you appear younger. 

With this in mind, why would you not want to take up cycling?

Cycling Is Great For Your Mental Health 

If you struggle with mental health conditions such as depression, stress, or anxiety then going for a cycle might be just what the doctor ordered. Even mild to moderate exercises such as a gentle cycle could be enough to produce the right amount of endorphins to make you feel great. 

Three sessions of thirty minutes each could be all that you need each week to give you that boost and fight stress, anxiety, and depression. 

You’ll Be Able To Breathe Easier 

While you are cycling your lungs will be working much harder than they usually would. So much so, that cyclists typically use ten times more oxygen when cycling than they would do if they were just sat doing nothing for the same length of time. 

In addition to this, regular cycling will help your heart and lungs to work more efficiently. This allows your body to get the oxygen it needs quicker. 

If you’re breathing well and enjoying a good flow of oxygen you will benefit from reduced stress levels, increased energy levels, you’ll feel more alert, and problems such as hangovers, headaches, and sinus issues will all diminish. 

You’ll Enjoy An Improved Night’s Sleep 

If you are someone who experiences insomnia, then taking-up cycling might be the solution that you need for your sleepless nights. 

Taking a 20- 30 minute cycle each morning could help your sleep in the longer term. That is according to research that was carried out by the Stanford University of Medicine. 

In the study, researchers asked insomniacs to cycle for 20 -30 minutes each day. By the end of the study, the results were quite profound. The time it took for the insomnia sufferers to fall asleep had dropped to half, and the average length of time that they slept for had risen by nearly an hour. 

Cycling Lowers The Chance Of Developing Alzheimer’s

A study found that exercise such as cycling can increase brainpower and helps fight off Alzheimer’s in the elderly. 

Similarly, another study that was published in Pediatrics revealed that children can also benefit from cycling. The study found a link between cycling and the management of control issues such as attention deficit disorder.