Accessories You Need If You Are An Avid Cyclist

The most important piece of equipment for an avid cyclist is a high-quality bicycle. However, there is more to riding a bike than just a body with two wheels.

In fact, there are a few different components that every cyclist should own. Here are some accessories you need if you are an avid cyclist.


Although this accessory should go without saying, many cyclists forgo purchasing a durable helmet. Helmets aren’t just for your own safety. They can also be quite fashionable.

Nonetheless, if you fall off your bike and don’t have anything protecting your head, it can lead to some severe consequences. So, search for some fashionable and long-lasting helmets and collect a few of them for trendy yet functional headgear.

Padded Shorts

If your bike seat is becoming increasingly uncomfortable, maybe it’s time you bought yourself some padded bike shorts. Spending long hours on a small bike seat can wear down your rear end, but it doesn’t always have to be painful. Padded shorts will protect against saddle sores and make your riding experience more enjoyable overall.

Bottle Cage

Obtaining a custom bottle cage might be the cheapest option on this list. You need to stay hydrated while engaging in physical activity, which is why bottle cages are a convenient solution for holding onto your drinks.

They might not seem completely necessary, but when you’re spending a long day on the road, a dedicated bottle cage couldn’t be more essential. You can also customize your bottle cage to your riding style just as you would your tires. For instance, some are lighter and more colorful—perfect for a brisk ride into the city—while others are tougher and more damage-resistant, which makes sense if you are riding on rough terrain.

Hand Pump

A true cycling enthusiast must own at least one hand pump. Of course, you can pay to pump your tires anywhere, but if you go cycling often enough, investing in a hand pump will be well worth your while.

Hand pumps are usually portable, so you can put one in your backpack and bring it with you while you ride. That way, if your tires start losing air during your journey, you can stop and pump them whenever you like.

Overall, bikes come with many accessories, but you will have to scavenge for more if you want to complete your cycling collection. Now that you know which accessories you need if you are an avid cyclist, you can be well on your way to cycling glory.