Leicester Riders Vs. Portland Trail Blazers – A Future Basketball Game

Basketball is a well-renowned game which is strictly of US origin. It was invented by James Naismith in 1891 at Young Man Christian Association (YMCA) in Massachusetts where Naismith was an instructor for physical education.

Throughout the history, the game was popular in many countries and some players were able to create a milestone for the world. Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant are some of the many players who don’t need any recognition and are considered the all-time legends of basketball.

Today we will discuss two all-time favourite teams from different regions of the world. One is the Leicester Riders which is the oldest club in British basketball. They were the founders of National Basketball League and BBL. Leicester Riders have created a winning philosophy at the club with nine trophies collected in the past five seasons to become a leading force in the league. Some of their current players include Tyler Bernardini, Andy Thomson and Shane Walker. Shane Walker has a lot of eyes on him for the championship match and he seems to be quite motivated. As quoted by him recently, “We set goals and go out to achieve them every time we step on the floor.”

The other team on the topic is The Portland Trail Blazers which is an American professional basketball team based in Portland, Oregon. They play in the NBA league and have the sixth-highest all-time NBA regular season win-loss percentages among all the teams playing in the current season. Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum and Jusuf Nurkic are some of the most favourites players of the teams and fans are expecting an amazing game play from the current player Jusuf Nurkic though his last season was not that appealing.

Both the teams are considered to be one of the best in their region and watching these two clashes will be an absolute treat for the basketball fans out there. With these two teams against each other, sixty minutes of an action-packed match can be expected where skills and strength will go face to face. On one hand, the Leicester Riders are known for their tactful and strategic game and on the other hand, The Portland Blazers believe more in strength and endurance based game by creating continuous pressure. Both the teams can be considered completely opposite to each other and a match in-between them will be a great experience and massive sport event in the basketball regime.

Watching such a fierce game can be a total summer delight especially if you are spending time with friends & family. It would be a cherry on top of cake, if you get to pocket in some bucks by placing your odds on your favourite team.

In order to win bets, one has to carefully place it after reviewing statistics. With all the spirit and fun associated with the iconic game, betting on basketball games have also been a tradition attached to it. We believe that the British betting sites would rather be more busier and occupied as compare to their counterpart and odds could favour them.

Fans can place bets on their favourite teams and win the results. A game with two such giants could change the face of the gambling industry and all we can expect is a night to remember!

So all the fans out there cannot really decide who would really win, but even imagining about the world-class players coming face to face in a multi-level-match like this would really be an out-of-this-world-60 minutes!!!

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