How To Stay Healthy Working From Home

More and more people are choosing to remain at home instead of going back to work at the office. This important change, that was brought by the pandemic, doesn’t come without its health issues. In fact, these individuals now spend more time in front of their computers and seated all day than before. How can they make sure to remain healthy? Here is how to balance work and exercise at home.

Don’t let the Computer invade Your Brain

The real problem of working from home is not so much the time we spend working, but the fact that we add to the number of hours that we spend in front of our PC. There was already a mix between internet time at the office and additional one spent at home. But now that both are being integrated into one long session, some simply can’t stay away from the screen, anymore. They go from looking at the news first and then work a little. Then, they look for the best online gambling software they can find, hoping to find the right online casinos for Kiwis, to play for 30 minutes, just to air out their brain. And then, back to work, before watching a short film and so on…

What they really need is to air out their body! There is nothing wrong with playing a few games and catching a flick, but most importantly, a person working at a desk all day, should be getting up at least every 90 minutes, and go outside, on a nice day. Airing the room is also of outmost importance. Breathing stale air will not only stifle our capacity to work well, it will also weaken our body and deprive us of energy. If we let the computer direct our every action, it will rapidly take over, and our physical and mental health will pay the price.

Schedule Your Day

The best way to make sure you get sufficient exercise in a day, is by scheduling every part of it. Work involves different things for each people. Some separate it in blocks, while other will do the same action throughout the whole day. If you can break down your day in different parts, it is the easiest way to prepare a schedule. In between each, give yourself 15 minutes to exercise. Keep dumbbells around, as well as an elastic workout band and an exercise mat. Choose two parts of the body that you will workout in one day. Break them down in three to four exercises for each, and repeat three to four times, during breaks in your day. Not only will it help you to stay healthy, but you will regain amazing physical form, without breaking a sweat.

Buy a High-end Office Chair

If you work from home, that is an investment you need to make. Otherwise, you will break your back, and you will start having all kinds of health issues such as cardiovascular, as well as musculoskeletal ones. Make sure you can adjust the height of the chair, and that it features arm support.