How To Sign Your Child Up For Golf Lessons

Getting your child started in the game of golf is a gift they can use for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter if they play competitively and earn a college golf scholarship or simply do it for fun; it is a sport they can enjoy from 5 to 95!

The challenge for many parents is the “how.” How do you get your child playing golf? How do you teach them the swing, rules, and etiquette? Even if you play golf, your child will most likely learn quicker if they are taught by someone else.

The key is finding the right golf instructor or coach for your child. This is where many parents get stuck and aren’t sure where to turn. Don’t worry. We can help.

What Should You Look for in Your Child’s Golf Instructor?

First, you want to find a golf instructor or swing coach specializing in teaching children. This is a different skill than teaching adults and will make a huge difference in their development.

You want to find someone who makes the experience awesome. When your child first starts playing golf, it should be about fun, not about their swing plane or impact position. Identify a golf instructor in your area that is certified to teach children and offers programs that specifically cater to younger players. Great options include a golf camp or a group lesson. If possible, try to find a friend who also wants to play and learn the game together. A lot of friendships are created and blossom on the golf course.

How Can I Find the Perfect Golf Coach for My Child?

Now that you know what you are looking for, how can you find it? Depending on where you live, there are several different avenues to try.

Option number one is US Kids. If your child enjoys the game of golf, US Kids is a company you will use for several different reasons. You can search for a certified coach. They make great youth golf equipment and offer tournaments for younger players.

The next organization you should check out is First Tee. They are focused on growing the game of golf and offer programs to help your child get started in the game. Their goal is to develop both golf and life skills through the game.

The final option we would recommend is the PGA of America. The Professional Golf Association is a network of golf instructors and club professionals dedicated to improving golf. Use their directory to find an instructor near you.

The Time is Now – Get Your Child Hooked on the Game of Golf

There are very few youth sports that your child can play for the rest of their life. Golf is a rare opportunity to enjoy an activity across many decades. Getting your child started early means they will have the skills necessary to enjoy the game from now on.

Find a great instructor. Take your child to the driving range. Golf is addictive. Once they hit a few solid drives and sink a few putts, they will be hooked for life!