How To Find The Best Sports Bra And Where To Buy One In Portland

Working out with breasts presents a challenge that half of the human population will never understand. Whether you are a lady with small breasts or large breasts, you need support. Sports bras are made to comfortably fit your breasts and protect them from high-impact movements like jumping and running. 

Why You Need Support

The breasts are made entirely of fatty tissue. The only thing holding them up is the surrounding skin and Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments are responsible for keeping the structure of your breasts intact. 

When these ligaments are damaged, however, it could lead to permanent sagging of your breasts. Every time your breasts bounce up, down, or sideways, they are at risk for damage. As your breasts move around the most during intense exercise, they must be protected. 

Not having enough support for your breasts can lead to back injury, strain, and overexertion. You may feel you are more tired during your workout if you don’t have the proper breast support. This is because you are forcing your upper body to work harder to support the weight of your breasts. 

How To Find the Right Sports Bra for You

The right sports bra will protect your breasts during exercise and improve your workout performance. But how do you choose the right sports bra? 

Consider the following when choosing the right sports bra for you:


Choose a sports bra that has adequate compression. Compression in a sports bra will ensure that your breasts don’t jiggle around too freely. Look for a sports bra that features padding and enough structure to keep your breasts in place. 

Test the compression of your sports bra by jumping up and down. If your breasts flail around wildly, it doesn’t have enough compression. Opt. for something that has a more secure fit. 

Separate Cups

Look for a sports bra with separate cups. Sports bras with sewn-in cups will help separate your breasts and keep them in place better. A well-structured sports bra with cups will reduce movement and strain on your upper body. 

The cups should be fitting to your breast size. If they are too large, you won’t feel enough support. Too small, and your breasts will feel squished and uncomfortable. Try on your sports bra before purchasing to ensure your breasts fit inside the cups comfortably. 

They should have enough room to breathe but not enough to move around too freely. 

Comfortable Fit

The fit of your sports bra is essential for comfort and workout performance. A sports bra that’s too tight runs the risk of constricting your breathing while exercising.

You’ll want to steer clear of sports bras with straps that may dig into your shoulders. Look for sports bras made from comfortable, moisture-wicking material that won’t irritate your skin. 

You’ll also want straps wide enough to support your breasts without putting strain on your shoulders. 

Where To Find a Sports Bra in Portland?


Athleta, located at 10001 NW Couch Street, is a popular athleisure brand for women. Although on the pricey side, Athleta offers stylish, quality athletic clothing. 

Their Advance Zip Front sports bra features a zip front with padded cups for compression and separation. Its racerback straps provide extra support while taking pressure off your shoulders.

 It also offers a mesh back for ventilation convenient during intense sweat sessions. The Advanced Zip Front sports bra is best for cardio and high-impact training. 

Title Nine

Title Nine, located in Nob Hill near the Pearl District in Portland, is a women’s apparel store with a wide selection of sports bras. 

The Run It All 2.0 Crossback Sports Bra is made from unique moisture-wicking, quick-drying fabric. It features targeted perforation in high sweat areas to help your lady bits breathe. 

The sports bra has wide, cross-back straps for maximum support. It provides wireless support in the cups and bands for a comfortable fit. The sports bra will work for high-impact exercises or whatever workout style you prefer. 

PrAna Portland

PrAna Portland offers stylish and trendy clothing for both men and women. 

Their women’s activewear collection features a variety of leggings, sports bras, and crop tops. Their Sopra Seamless Sports Bra is made from seamless, breathable cotton. 

It features a low scoop neck and comfortable shelf support free of restricting underwire. The spaghetti straps are adjustable and can be made into crossover straps with a removable hook feature. 

The Sopra Seamless Sports Bra is best for smaller endowed ladies who enjoy lower intensity workouts like Pilates or yoga.


Lululemon, near Portland’s Pearl District, is a fitness apparel store with a vast selection of trendy women’s sportswear. 

You can choose from a selection of low impact, medium impact, and high impact sports bras. All their clothing doubles as athleisure, meaning it looks just as good worn to the coffee shop as it does at the gym. 

Their Energy Longline Sports Bra is a medium impact bra that features racerback spaghetti straps. It’s made from sweat-resistant fabric and features wireless support. It’s a pull-on sports bra that relies on the waistband for support. 

The Best Sports Bra For You

Finding the best sports bra for you will depend on what you are looking for. 

Larger chested women should opt for more support, even if they don’t participate in high-impact exercise. Smaller-breasted ladies can get away with less support. But all women need sufficient support during more high-impact training. 

Consider your needs as well as your personal preferences. It’s OK to want style along with comfort but never opt for style over comfort. Your health and breast support are more important than being trendy. 

Make sure the sports bra you choose can provide the proper structure and support for all your fitness needs.