How To Design The Perfect 8×8 Step And Repeat Banners

To make a great impact on potential customers you need to have an excellent branding and marketing strategy. For those companies planning a special event where they will be branding their product or service, a uniquely designed 8×8 step and repeat banner is the perfect option to make a lasting impression on visitors.

It can create the perfect backdrop for photos, interviews, and video recordings. Having a successful design on a step and repeat banner will ensure that the marketing and brand awareness continue even when the event is finished.

Brand marketers can make the mistake by assuming that designing a banner of this size can always look perfect. Well, when it’s done wrong it can look really horrible at your event. The company’s brand and name might appear unnoticeable and the banner will be too cluttered.

As a result, your company will appear unprofessional and disorganized – it’s human nature to judge by first appearance. Better make sure that the design is on point and of a high level.  Here are a few tips you can follow to create the perfect 8×8 step and repeat banner:

Hire a Professional

When you don’t have the knowledge on how to create a successful backdrop banner, then leave it to someone with experience. Professionals will be able to create a great backdrop for your event. Not only will they be able to recommend the layout and color, they will also be able to give tips on what kind of material should be used.

Furthermore, they have the relevant software to create stunning digital designs. Some companies can even offer printing as well. They have the relevant printing equipment to ensure the product ends up looking great. Giving you a great combo of digital design and printing.  Learn more about the difference between digital and print design in this informative article about branding.


It’s important that you ask the printing company for a matte banner print. This will ensure that there isn’t any shine on the banner when light is shone onto it. A glossy print will cause a glare and will reflect badly on photos. For this reason, you should make sure that the banner material is not glossy but rather a non-shiny matte.

To further avoid a glare, you shouldn’t use a bright white background. Rather request a slightly grey undertone to the white background. No matter if it’s light grey, it will still appear as white.

Typically, step and repeat banners are printed on a durable vinyl. Vinyl can also appear quite shiny on photos. Rather pay a few extra dollars and invest in a non-glare fabric.


The number one thing to consider about a step and repeat banner is obviously that it should feature a seamless design. A continuous pattern that is repeated on a long stretch of material is important for it to look professional.

Not only should the digital design appear seamless, but the banner pieces should be sewn together without showcasing a thick seam line down the middle.


When you want to create the perfect background for your event on a step and repeat banner, you should consider the following designing aspects:

  • Use colors that match and compliments the entire event
  • Decide on a striking pattern that is pleasing to look at
  • Be experimental and try 3-dimensional printing
  • Don’t use more than 4 logos on design. This will ensure that it doesn’t look cluttered
  • Use only 2-3 logos that compliments each other and that is within the same color scheme
  • Play around with different sized logos to create an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Pick the perfect company logo that has a slight variation to fit the event
  • Use the right amount of spacing between all logos
  • Ensure that your logo image is of high quality to avoid pixelation when it’s enlarged

For some excellently executed designs check out these innovative ideas:

The right step and repeat banner can transform a red carpet event into an atmospheric occasion. A successful 8×8 step and repeat banner will have crowds of people flocking to it to take pictures – creating even more ongoing marketing for your brand.