Fury In Future Fight With Ruiz Jr.?

Andy Ruiz Jr could be set to face Tyson Fury in the future as Fury said that he would consider fighting Ruiz Jr after his recent win over Anthony Joshua. Though Fury has indicated that he is not thinking about the future at the moment and is only focusing on his next bout FreeTips.com reports.

Tom Schwarz is the only focus for Fury at the moment with the bout to take place in Las Vegas next weekend. Fury, the lineal Heavyweight Champions, will face Schwarz in his first bought since the fight against Deontay Wilder last December. A bout that ended in a controversial draw. Following his new deal with ESPN Fury was talking on ESPN radio about what his future might hold.

The unbeaten Tyson Fury with be facing Schwarz at the Thomas and Mack Center next Saturday. A rematch with Wilder will follow that in Spring next year after terms for a deal were agreed last week. Ruiz Jr isn’t yet free to fight as he will have to defend his titles against Anthony Joshua, the fighter he beat to win the WBA, WBO and IBF titles in the first place, and that is because Joshua had a rematch clause in his contract for bout, and this was triggered automatically when he lost the fight. 

Fury spoke briefly about how easy he would find it to beat Ruiz Jr if the chance came up. “Ruiz to me isn’t a problem, He’s just a simple boxer, who likes to get inside and try and get involved in a war.” stated Fury. “I’d just jab his face off all night, but that’s me, the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. Not some glass-jawed body builder.” 

The dangers of boxing can mean that things can change in a heartbeat. “It’s heavyweight boxing; anything can happen in the heavyweight division, he continued. When you get cracked by a big man weighing over 250lbs, there’s only one way you can go, and that’s to the floor.”

Fury is still only focused on Schwarz and won’t let this talk of a future fight against Ruiz Jr distract him from that. He thinks that focusing on future fights may have been a major contributing factor in the fact that Joshua lost his last bout. Joshua expected to win so much he was already thinking about future fights. Though it could have just been the Drake Curse. 

The rap-star Drake has been blamed for causing a string of great sporting loses, which are being called the ‘Drake Curse’. This is where Drake poses for a photo, normally for social media, with a famous sports personality, usually just as they are about to compete in a major sporting contest. This often results in them losing the contest in a spectacular fashion. Drake has posed with Joshua prior to the fight against Ruiz Jr, and even went on to claim that this photo would be the one that broke the curse. Of course, we know how that ended.