Floyd Mayweather Looking Set To Enter The World Of UFC

There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding Floyd Mayweather recently, who’s hinted that he could be more tempted into moving across to the sport of MMA rather than continuing his massively successful career in boxing. Conor McGregor famously did the same in moving over from UFC to boxing in order to face him in the ring last August, so it’s become a dream story for journalists and fans of either sport.

As he’s looking practically set to make this controversial move across to another area of the sporting world, bookmakers have started building exclusive specials over his chances of glory inside The Octagon and TeamFA are ahead of the curve in watching over each sport, with their own MMA betting tips and previews, as well as equally as insightful coverage of all the biggest boxing events.

Carrying the 100% record into UFC

One of Floyd Mayweather’s most predominant statistics is his clear ability in boxing, as he’s featured in fifty fights and won every single one, pitting him with an astonishing 100% record that any other boxer would be envious of. Whether he could continue that into boxing is questionable but the concept that he’s leaving boxing in order to keep that record in tact makes a lot of sense.

After winning all fifty of his fights, it’s a milestone that would be worth keeping hold of, made even more impressive through the fact that he’s won by a knockout in twenty-seven of those wins. The handful of bookmakers who are already pricing up his chances at UFC are doubting he’d be quite as successful, with a massive 33/1 price on him to be crowned UFC Champion this year.

Will it actually happen?

An official statement came from Floyd Mayweather recently where he said he’d be unlikely to step into the ring for a rematch with Conor McGregor but if he did return to fighting, he said that ‘it has to be in the Octagon’, hinting at how his next step would more than likely be as a professional UFC athlete. Betting on Mayweather to take part in an official MMA fight at some point throughout 2018 is given odds of 2/1, which a lot of punters who enjoy novelty markets are getting involved in.

The third and final market available is the opportunity to back Floyd Mayweather to come up against his old foe in an MMA fight regardless of the result. It’s perfectly likely as Conor McGregor could return to UFC after previously starting out his career there but it’ll be mostly down to the likelihood of Floyd Mayweather actually moving across to the sport, with the chances of their meeting being priced at 4/1.