Five Ways To Enjoy A Bye Week – Seattle Seahawks Edition

When the NFL releases the regular-season team schedules, one of the first things fans, players and coaches alike scan for is the league-mandated bye week. There’s also the important games like home-opener, any important road tests and key divisional match-ups late in the season, but let’s talk about a bye week.

Not a game, we’re not here to talk about a game. We’re talkin’ about a bye week, man, not a game. Not a game…a bye week.

The Allen Iverson practice rant never gets old.

Anyways, the Seahawks (3-2) enter the bye week like most teams often do – injured, with room for improvement. Any team who tells you otherwise is…lying? Well, in this year’s case Tampa Bay or Miami – sorry, that hurricane situation was a mess this year.

We all know I love lists and ranking things, so I made another one. I will list five things the Seattle Seahawks SHOULD do during their bye week and a contrary list of five things they SHOULD NOT do during their bye week. This is primarily just for fun, with minor shreds of factual, valuable data. In honor of some of my favorite ex-Seahawk players, the things they should do will be the Joey Galloways and the things they should not do will be named after the ‘Bos’, Brian Bosworth.

No. 5 Galloway: Let’s Do Something Philanthropic for the Pacific Northwest
No. 5 Bosworth: Let’s Host a “Russell-Mania” Fundraising Wrestling Tournament

On the plus side, it would be nice to see some of the Seahawk players, coaches and upper management out in the community raising money to help the recent wild fire victims in California or other effected areas in Oregon and Washington. In the spirit of J.J. Watt’s fundraising efforts for the city of Houston, Carlos Beltran’s efforts in Puerto Rico and the many other influential people in this country helping those in a time of need, it would be nice to see some Seahawks players spearhead a unique effort of their own. Just a thought.

What would be a BAD idea, however, or a ‘Bosworth’ of an idea, would be to open a wrestling tournament for fans who must dress up and look like Russell Wilson in order to participate. Each fan gives a donation to a charity of Russell Wilson’s choice in the community and this event will be called “Russell-Mania”. Then, one by one, fans wrestle each other until there is one winner who gets season tickets and a bunch of swag, including, but certainly not limited to WWE bobbleheads. Just a thought…a REALLY bad thought.

No. 4 Galloway: Get Some Key Players Healthy
No. 4 Bosworth: Take A Week Off From Practice

I’m kind of repeating myself, but this is a goal for every team. Thirteen players were listed on the week-5 injury report for Seattle, which in all honesty, is not too bad. Only four of those were ultimately ruled out, which included Cliff Avril, C.J. Prosise and Jeremy Lane, who are all key contributors the Seahawks would like back sooner rather than later. Most of the other players on the report were mere formalities – veterans who probably wanted a lighter practice load. (Yes, that’s you Jimmy Graham and Earl Thomas.) Just a thought.

If the ‘Hawks want to come out super-flat and have a crappy game in week-7 against the Giants, they should not do anything at all relevant for a week. As much as I want to turn this into a joke about the winless Giants being a second bye-week for Seattle, I wouldn’t dream of it. Instead, if the Seahawks want to waste their real bye week, everyone should take a week off from practice and do absolutely nothing football related. Don’t even get adequate sleep. Don’t get any exercise whatsoever, so come game time in New York, all of the players WILL get hurt and will be unprepared. Just a thought…a REALLY bad thought.

No. 3 Galloway: Pick A Feature Back, and Stick With Him
No. 3 Bosworth: Trade for Adrian Peterson

I really doubt I am the only human who is confused about the starting running back in Seattle every week. I used to have an opinion, but I feel like that was several months ago at this point. I just don’t see the value in this world’s worst garrison of tailback options. Injuries have added to the confusion, sure, but just pick someone and stick with them…please. The bye week is a great time to get that together. Just a thought.

The Seahawks need to trade for Adrian Peterson. Although they are pretty close to being “Arizona desperate” with their backfield situation, the Seahawks can trade for Peterson. It will be a joke for the rest of the year with every team needing running back help. They can just trade for Peterson – Seattle included. Just a thought…a REALLY bad thought.

No. 2 Galloway: Develop A Vertical Passing Game
No. 2 Bosworth: Learn New ‘How To Get Sacked Plays’

Remember how I said this wasn’t going to be a fact-driven piece? That was correct. I don’t know what the percentages are or the numbers, but I don’t think Wilson is throwing the ball deep much at all. I know in week five Graham had six catches, which was good, but for like 38 yards…not so good. I see a lot of third-and-10s go for about seven or eight yards on quick outs. I see Wilson running around a lot looking for people to get open. Let’s develop a deep passing attack. Just a thought.

With Wilson improvising on what seems to be every play and feebly throwing the ball away or underneath short of first downs, maybe the Seahawks should draw up plays that result in quick, safe and efficient ways for Wilson to get sacked. Save the headaches. Save the confusion. The celebrations from defensive players making big plays will decrease if Seattle can orchestrate calculated miscues on their own. Just a thought…a REALLY bad thought.

No. 1 Galloway: Fix The Offensive Line Struggles
No. 1 Bosworth: Trade Starting Defense For The Giants O-Line

I kind of already touched on this, but an extra week in practice might help gel an offensive line that has been rebuilt, retooled and is still learning how to play on the field together. There is a video room somewhere in the Seahawks headquarters I am sure where the team can go over blocking schemes and work on being better. Let’s do that – let’s be better. Just a thought.

In a dramatic move, the Seahawks can trade their 11 defensive starters, including a plethora of pro-bowlers to the New York Giants – a week before the Seahawks will play them – for the Giants entire depth at offensive line. It would probably work out pretty close to even from a numbers standpoint – New York might have to include some practice squad long snappers or something, but it would be one way to rebuild the offensive line overnight. Just a thought…a REALLY bad thought.

There you have it, folks. Five things the Seahawks should do on their bye week, and five things that I really hope they do not. Enjoy a weekend “off” from the ‘Hawks and watch some other teams for stress-free football experience.

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