Father’s Day Gifts For Physically Active Dads

Your father is your rock. He’s the parent who said “Yes” when your mother said “No.” He taught you to ride your first bike and checked the closet for scary monsters. Your dad means the world to you. Father’s Day is the holiday dedicated to celebrating the wonderful dads who deserve the very best. 

Choosing the right Father’s Day gift for your dad is easy. Dads don’t ask for much and are happy with whatever you give them. But this Father’s Day, why not give him something he’ll enjoy using again and again? For active dads, that means giving him something he can use in action. 

Whether your dad enjoys being active or you want to encourage him to be (watching sports is not the same as playing them!) These Father’s Day gifts will inspire your father to be on the move. 

Adventure Tours

Adventure tours are the perfect gifts for dads who like being active outdoors. Adventure tours are led by tour guides around some of the most beautiful nature trails in Portland. Choose from hiking, cycling, rock climbing, hiking, or a combination of tours throughout Portland. He’ll experience Portland’s beautiful nature landscapes while being active and making friends. Travel Portland website showcases a variety of tours from local Portland tour companies. Book an excursion for both you and your dad for a memorable father/daughter/son experience. 

Hydration Pack

Active dads need to stay hydrated when they’re on the go. The Big Zip Evo hydration pack from Foster Outdoor Portland comes in 3 different sizes: 1.5 L, 2.0 L, and 3.0 L. It’s lightweight and convenient for sporty dads who need a convenient way to hydrate. The hydration pack can be worn on his back with a water tube that fits around his mouth. He can hydrate hands-free while biking, rowing, hiking, or running. 

 It’s embedded with silver ions to protect it from developing bacteria and mold.  It’s made from quality plastic that’s BPA, BPS, and phthalate-free.  

Yoga Wheel 

Yoga wheels or Chirp Wheels make excellent gifts for dads who need to chill. Yoga wheels can be used to stretch and relax back muscles. They relieve tension and pain, especially for dads who sit at a desk all day for work. Yoga wheels can be used in yoga practice for performing yoga poses. They increase flexibility and make certain yoga poses possible without causing pain or discomfort. Consider purchasing a yoga wheel for your dad this Father’s Day, along with booking him a yoga session at Firelight Yoga Studio in Portland

Home Gym Equipment

Fit dads are always looking for additions to their home gym. Portland Fitness Equipment offers a wide variety of home gym equipment for every fit dad’s needs. Choose from free weights like dumbbells and kettlebells or cardio equipment like stationary bikes and treadmills. They also offer fitness equipment storage like weight racks for storing dumbbells. Fitness equipment will inspire your dad to ramp up his workout game. You’ll be giving him the gift of health and wellness. 

Cross Country Skis 

If your dad’s a snowbird, he’ll love these Alpina wooden cross country skis from Next Adventure shop in Portland. These narrow skis are designed for smooth gliding cross country or backcountry. Your dad can explore snowy landscapes in comfort and style. They’re best for intermediate skiers with some knowledge of cross-country skiing. Is your dad a beginner? Then book him a cross country skiing class from Mazamas. They offer skiing lessons for people of all skill levels. 

Fishing Trip

Does your dad like to fish? The Jason Hammond Guide Service is your fishing guide to Portland, Oregon. The service offers guided fishing tours for salmon, deep-sea fishing, sturgeon, steelhead, and walleye. Your dad can spend all day at sea doing what he loves best, fishing. The service provides all bait and tackle; all your dad needs is his favorite fishing rod. Or load up on fishing gear for your dad from the Portland Fly Shop. They offer fishing supplies as well as their own guided fishing tours. 

Running Gear 

Dads who run need new running shoes often. Marathons and multiple 5k races put serious mileage on running shoes, wearing them out more quickly. Foot Traffic in downtown Portland is a specialty running store. They carry a wide variety of running shoes and running gear. The staff are runners themselves and will understand your dad’s running shoe needs. Plus, they offer a gait analysis that will guide your dad on how to find the best running shoe for his foot type. Give him the gift of a new pair of shoes with a Foot Traffic gift card. He can pick out what he needs and likes without you having to guess. 

Garmin Venu 2 Sport Watch

For dads that take their fitness seriously, a Garmin Venu 2 sport watch is just what they need. The Garmin sport watch provides GPS tracking along with standard metric tracking, like calories, heart rate, oxygen, hydration, stress, and more. He can also get his email and text notifications from his phone on his watch. And like Apple watches, the Garmin Venu 2 includes Garmin Pay, so he can make purchases using his watch. The Garmin sports watch makes a useful gift he will be wearing every day. 

The Takeaway

Your dad means a lot to you, so why not spoil him this Father’s Day? Active dads will love any excuse to get outside and get moving. Paid adventure excursions offer your dad the gift of fun along with new memories. They’ll also love gifts and gadgets that complement their active lifestyle. Inspire your dad this Father’s Day to live his best life with active gifts for active dads.