Everything You Want To Know About Legalities Of Sports Betting In Oregon

Sports betting laws might as well have been written in an ancient Egyptian script; that’s because even in supposedly plain English, it’s just too difficult for people to make sense of them. If you live in Oregon and wish to know more about the legalities (or the lack of them) of sports betting, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will cover the legal aspects of sports betting in Oregon, explore the idea of offshore sportsbook websites, and wrap it up with some coverage of the sports you can bet on.

Is It Legal to Undertake Online Sports Betting in Oregon?

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, passed in 1992, enforces strict regulations over most US states when it comes to sports betting. However, Oregon is one of the 4 states (the other 3 are Nevada, Montana, and Delaware) that are not covered under the PASPA. No sports laws applicable in Oregon specifically state that it’s illegal for residents to indulge in betting on sports events online. There has not been a case where an Oregon resident has been fined for participating in online sports betting tournaments. Horse racing, in particular, is pretty popular for sports betting, with several services even accepting bets on telephone, or via Internet.

However, because of the negative sentiment around sports betting in some quarters of US, residents often feel comfortable with the idea of associating with a sportsbook website in US. Because such websites are open to residents from all states (even those with strict laws against sportsbooks), it is indeed understandable that Oregon residents have their concerns. This is where offshore sports-booking websites surface as a safe option.  NetBet Sport, for instance, is a UK sports betting website, offering live betting on a variety of sports, covering tournaments and leagues from across the globe, including US.

Offshore Sports Betting Websites for Oregon Residents

Instead of undertaking adventures into understanding the twisted technicalities of sports betting laws in Oregon, residents would be much better off identifying some good online offshore sports betting websites. These websites offer pretty much all kinds of sports betting opportunities, and because they’re legal in the country they’re registered in, there’s no liability on players.

Live betting is one of the most intriguing services they offer, letting people from across the globe place bets on sports events happening in real time. The massive range of sports, betting options, and even casino games on offer in offshore sports betting websites makes them a great alternative for Oregon residents.

Sports You Can Bet On

Basketball, hockey, soccer, and baseball continue to be the most watched sports in the state, and there are regular tournaments held across the nation, all year long, generating massive interest. Oregon’s basketball team Portland Trail Blazers, soccer team Portland Timbers, ice hockey team Portland Winterhawks are among the most popular teams in the state. For ardent sports fans, sports betting in Oregon makes for a thrilling experience indeed.