Bet Online! How To Successfully Wager In The 2020 Kentucky Derby

After the Belmont Stakes concluded last June 20, all eyes are now turned to the Kentucky Derby. This year, it will serve as the second component of the U.S. Triple Crown Series, which will take place at Churchill Downs on September 5, 2020. The Kentucky Derby this year will celebrate it’s 146th renewal and holds a $3 million purse prize. 

Aside from the Belmont finishers who will vie for the Kentucky Derby title, the fans are also excited for the betting games. Do know that the Derby, usually referred to as the Run For The Roses, is one of the horse racing shows that offers high-paying wagering games. Hence, bettors are always looking forward to betting on the best racehorses on the field during this iconic race. 

Unlike the previous years, the Kentucky Derby betting this year will be done online, as we are expecting a fanless Derby field to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. While taking the time to find the best racehorses to gamble on the Run For The Roses, you must also know how to wager like an expert. Below are the things you need to know about when betting for the 2020 Kentucky Derby. 

Types Of Kentucky Derby Bets 

Like the Belmont Stakes and other horse racing events, there’s a massive number of betting categories you can play in the Kentucky Derby. For newbies, you can gamble on easier brackets so you won’t have to throw a large amount. But if you’re a pro bettor, consider taking on the riskier bets to earn more.

Easy Or Straight Bets 

The straight bets are the most played Derby betting games in all sportsbooks. You don’t need optimum betting prowess when participating as you only have to pick the right horses to win. Aside from that, it also asks you to pay a lesser amount, which extends your bet choices. 

  • Win – it is the most straightforward betting game as you only have to pick which horse will likely win the Kentucky Derby. You can refer to the Belmont Stakes top finishers as they might have higher chances of winning the Derby at the same time. 
  • Place – if you are torn between two racehorses who might win the Kentucky Derby, you can wager in this category. It allows you to name the two strongest racehorses on the field that can either win the Derby and place second, in any order. 
  • Show –  this is the safest betting category you can gamble. You won’t be hindered by picking just one or two horses that can finish significantly in the Derby. To win, you must name three racehorses that can snag the titles first and second-runner, respectively, in no specific order. 

Challenging Or Exotic Bets 

This Derby betting game is for those horse racing aficionados who’d like to take a higher risk when wagering. The prizes are huge, and once you hit the bullseye, it can help you grow your bankroll in no time. Here are the exotic bets you can play (and maybe win) in the upcoming Run For The Roses. 

  • Exacta – it’s true that the Derby is featuring the best horses in the field, and many deserve to win the title. In this category, you can name two colts that can end up as the Kentucky Derby winner and the first-runner up correctly. 
  • Trifecta – if you are convinced that there are more than two horses that deserve to win, you can wager for the Trifecta bets. In this category, you can pick three racehorses that can win the titles first-runner up and second-runner up in the exact order. 
  • Superfecta – if you are willing to lay all your betting funds and be confident about your entries, you can risk the Superfecta bets. It is the most difficult Derby betting game but provides you the biggest payout. You only need to pick four racehorses who can clinch the Derby titles first, second, and third-runner in the right and correct order. 

How To Place Your Derby Bets Online 

As stated, the Kentucky Derby betting games are processed online to follow the strict home quarantine rules set by the state. To place your bets online, you need to find and register a trusted online sportsbook that offers Kentucky Derby betting games. 

After that, make sure to update yourself with the racehorses’ odds value each week until the Kentucky Derby finally settles who the best horses are on the field. Additionally, online bookies offer promotions for some bets you make, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it to increase your winnings. 


With the major schedule changes happening this year for the Triple Crown Series and the Derby settling in September, bettors have a lot of time to pick the best entries to wager. Aside from that, the Belmont Stakes has settled, and winners are a sure candidate for the Kentucky Derby. Therefore, be sure to get guided on how you can bet on the Derby online so you can win a significant amount.