7 Tips In Choosing Your First Pair Of Basketball Shoes

Basketball players need a special pair of shoes that could support their need for running and jumping just to get the hoops. Without proper knowledge on how to choose a good pair of basketball shoes, your game becomes tougher.      

In choosing the first pair of basketball shoes, there are several things that you have to consider. These tips will help a novice baller become a better player, while minimising the risks of foot and ankle injuries. 

  1. Get The Right Fit

Shoes are not very much different from jeans, basketball shoes included. It’s often difficult to know how they’ll fit you, until you try them on. Not all pairs are true to size. In fact, one shoe manufacturer may have slightly bigger or smaller sizes, depending on the model.     

In getting the right fit, make sure there’s an inch of space in between your toe and the shoe end. The sides of your shoes shouldn’t feel too tight, and your toes shouldn’t feel pinched. Test the shoes while running, to further help you out.      

  1. Find Out The Type Of Support You Need

Basketball shoes come in three heights: low, medium, and high. Each cut offers different types of support for different players: 

  • A high-cut model wraps around a player’s ankle, offering better protection and stability when one needs to jump. 

Best for: Forwards are the stalwarts of the team, and they’re typically the larger and more aggressive players. A high-top offers the most ideal support for ballers holding this position.   

  • A mid-top basketball shoes sits at the ankle to provide mid-level support and protection. If you want to move faster without the extra height weighing your game down, this is for you.    

Best for: A pair should provide you with a great balance of support and mobility. If you’re often switching positions on the court; this is the best for you.   

  • Because they don’t reach your ankle, low-cut shoes offer the least support and protection but the best mobility for players who want to do quick movements and steals.  

Best for: Guards need seamless and quick movements on the court. Low-top basketball shoes may not offer the best ankle support, but can facilitate seamless movements.

Remember that your first pair may not help you become a great basketball player instantly, but it can help you move better on the court for sure.

  1. Check the Materials

Basketball shoes come in different materials, most notably a wide variation of leather upper and rubber outsole. A pair’s durability will depend both on the type of materials used and the type of care it receives from the user.   

Synthetic materials may last longer than natural materials, but the latter offers excellent comfort and support. Either way, like other athletic shoes, basketball shoes should not impede a player’s optimal performance.   

  1. Focus On The Outsole

As the shoe part that’s in direct contact with the floor, your outsole plays a great role in your overall stability and movement. That being said, your outsole then should provide traction to ensure you don’t slip and slide.    

Another important consideration is to choose a pair that can work with a variety of surfaces. For instance, some basketball shoes designed specifically have heavier soles for a better outdoor play. A good rule of thumb is to look at the outsole’s thickness and softness.   

  1. Don’t Sacrifice Comfort 

This is perhaps one of the main considerations in choosing a good pair. You won’t feel comfortable moving and running around if your shoes are tight, hard, or don’t have a good shock absorption capacity.

Today’s shoe makers rely on various cushion technologies to provide the best comfort, especially for players. Foam, air, and gel-based cushioning are three of the most common choices available on the market today.         

  1. Take A Look At Your Lifestyle 

Basketball shoes aren’t exclusively made for the courts. They can be worn on the streets too. If you’re planning to use your new pair of kicks and make a splash inside and outside the court, wear your basketball shoes no matter where you go.     

Make sure your kicks are versatile enough to be worn with any type of clothes that suit your style. 

  1. Does Style Really Matter?   

Speaking of style, make sure your pair melds function and looks perfectly. Shoes are considered an extension of one’s clothing, and you should make a statement using your kicks. 

Choose a pair that reflects your personality and one that matches your preferred colours and design. That way, you feel more like yourself –and always in the game.   

Final Thoughts 

Choosing your first basketball shoes can be a bit frazzling, but not if you know which features to look out for. Comfort, style, the right fit, materials, and your skill level are all important considerations in getting a pair.  

So, keep these features in mind before heading to your nearest shoe store.  

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