7 Awesome Benefits Of Rock Climbing

If you’re a fitness fanatic who is after an activity that gives your mental and physical health a much-needed boost, rock climbing may be the answer. Rock climbing is a sport that pushes your body to the extreme. It gives an amazing sense of accomplishment, and depending on whether you climb outdoors, there is some breathtaking scenery to take in too. If you’re thinking of giving rock climbing a go, here are some of the awesome benefits you can gain.

Full Body Workout

Whether you love fitness and keeping active, or you’re about to start your health journey, rock climbing is one of the best sports you can do that gives your body a full workout. As you begin climbing a couple of times a week, your core will become incredibly strong without the worry of straining your neck and back with sit-ups and crunches. Over time, your shoulders, arms and back will get toned without needing to lift a single dumbbell. What’s more, your legs will get stronger too.

Improved Flexibility

If you aren’t the most flexible of people, you will be after you start rock climbing. With all the stretching, reaching, and climbing that’s involved with the sport, rock climbing can drastically boost your range of motion and flexibility, leaving you with a leaner and more toned appearance. Many rock-climbing enthusiasts work on their flexibility away from the sport with exercises like yoga that will complement your climbing and help in enhancing your flexibility. 

Improved Stamina

It’s always fascinating how, when your life depends on it, you somehow have the ability and strength to get through anything. As you start rock climbing, you may find yourself in a tricky spot that pushes your body to the limits. No matter what, you will always hold on tighter and longer than you thought was possible. As you get into the swing of rock climbing, you will notice a huge boost in your stamina, energy levels, and endurance that will turn you from newbie to pro in no time. 

Burns Calories

Many of us are searching for the right sport in our quest to lose weight. If you’re not happy with your appearance and don’t like the idea of running on a treadmill at the gym, rock climbing may be the answer. It’s estimated that the average man can burn up to 899kcal an hour when rock climbing, with the average woman not far behind at 774kcal an hour. Rock climbing is a fantastic sport for cardio and burning fat too. 

Toning of Arms

To excel in rock climbing, your arms play a key role. In fact, your arm muscles are the most important part of your body when rock climbing. Most of the time, you will use your arm muscles with your feet to navigate up the wall, particularly on an overhanging climb. It should come as no surprise that once you start rock climbing regularly, your arms will tone and help you get the most out of the sport. Make sure that you wear the correct footwear as well to help you get up the wall, as the right shoes are worth every penny

Boosts Mental Health

Rock climbing is a brilliant exercise that can do wonders for your general wellness and health. Research has proven that rock climbing can even be useful in treating depression. If you love the great outdoors, rock climbing can boost your confidence and produce endorphins that help you feel happier. 

Low Impact Activity

While rock climbers do encounter injuries from time to time, there is a lack of heavy pounding involved in the sport. Rock climbing requires very little repetition in your body’s movements unlike weightlifting or running, and any movements you do make are relatively low impact. This means you won’t have to worry about serious injuries and a long recovery process.

If you’re looking for a sport that builds confidence, trains your focus, and gives a natural high, there is nothing quite like rock climbing.