5 Reasons To Start Playing Golf

Over 5 million people have started golfing over the past few years according to some studies. With so many people getting out on a golf course for the first time, it stands to reason that they see some benefits to hitting the green. Although there are numerous and personal reasons to start playing golf, this article will look at those that are more notable.

Great Exercise

Golf is a great form of exercise for those who would like to find something that is not too strenuous. When you play, you will spend a lot of time on your feet and, because the average distance walked when playing a round of golf is 4 miles, you will get your steps in. 

You Can Make New Friends

While it is possible to play a round of golf with your close friends, a lot of golfers end up playing with strangers who turn out to be great friends in the end. You can let the golf club or social club know that you will be on the course alone and that you are open to others joining you. Most clubs are happy to let others know that you are willing to let others join you as well as inform you if there are groups willing for you to join them.

Golf Has Become More Accessible

Accessibility used to be a major barrier for people who wanted to get into golf in the past. The two main ways of getting into golfing used to be through being a member of a golf club or a private social club. With improvements in technology, there are now more ways to get into golf than ever before. 

Simulators and other equipment have led to the explosion of indoor golf. It is now possible to play on most world-famous golf courses around the world from the comfort of your home depending on your indoor gold set up. There are also golf course variations, practice facilities, and driving ranges that have brought golfing closer to the masses.

Golf is Great for Your Business Life

Golf helps people connect with other people that they may not have gotten the chance to connect with under different circumstances. Therefore, golf becomes an incredible way to build valuable business relationships and allows you to do some business outside the office. 

Golf is also a very popular bobby among business leaders, owners, and CEOs. This is because golf is a great stress relief solution, is challenging, and offers a competing environment away from the office. If you are looking to close a business deal, a golf course offers the perfect setting; both parties are in a relaxed environment and the pressure of the office is eliminated so it does not affect your talks.

Enjoy the Outdoors

If you work in an office, you may not like being in such a restrictive environment or having to deal with the chaos that comes with it. Golfing is a great way to step out of this environment and to enjoy nature.

Golf courses are always maintained meticulously, with different features such as rolling hills, natural vegetation, and lots of sunshine, making them more conducive for a relaxing round of golf. The flowers, grass, and shrubs are manicured and maintained regularly to ensure they remain pristine. Also, most golf courses use very little pesticidesto guarantee that you will hear birds chirping or see some wildlife as you play.

Although golf can be very competitive at a high level, most people who play golf do it for various reasons, including exercise and the chance to get out of the office and the city to have a change of pace. Even if you have never played a round of golf, you can find at least one reason above to try the sport.