4 Reasons Why You Are Never Too Old To Take Up Archery

When it comes to life-long hobbies, archery makes the cut. Why? Unlike some sports, archery doesn’t come with an expiration date. You’ll never want to stop practicing this fun and challenging sport, no matter when you take it up.

1. Adaptive Sport

If you are dealing with a disability, archery can be adapted to almost all of them. There are even people who have learned to shoot a bow without any hands or arms. While that is an extreme disability, if you deal with carpal tunnel, or problems walking or standing, archery is still available to you.

In many states, you can get special hunting licenses to use crossbows if you have a disability that makes shooting a standard bow un-workable. If you plan on only shooting targets, there are leagues out there for just about everyone.

2. Bored and Lonely? Archery is Social

Unlike many sports that may or may not have a social aspect to them, archery is a great time to get together with others who enjoy the challenge it offers. Clubs, groups, and competitive shooting are all built around this sport, and available to people across the United States, even in rural areas.

Many older people get into archery because they are bored, and want to be around others who share their interests. Also, because archery can be a family sport, everyone from the grandkids to the grandparents can find a place that they fit in at the range.

3. Patience: You’ve Earned It, Now Use It!

Chances are, if you are wondering if you are too old to shoot a bow and arrow, you’ve got a few years under your belt. One of the biggest gains we make as we get older seems to be developing the patience needed to really give you the edge in archery. 

Not only can your patience benefit you, but you could also even get some quality time with the other generations in your family and teach some great life skills while learning a really fun sport.

4. Physical Benefits

While you aren’t looking at a super cardio workout every time you pick up your bow, you are getting benefits. From that 15 pound pull, which is a cardio workout, to holding your shot until it’s perfectly aimed, you’ll get some physical benefits along with the mental ones of having company and earning confidence. 

The better you get at shooting, the more often you make time to get to the range, and getting out and about while reaping benefits and having fun is just too good an idea to pass up. You’ll gain hand-eye coordination, flexibility, and focus.

Archery is not just great for those in the prime of life, it’s a wonderful sport for kids, adults, and older adults, the disabled, and healthy and well people. 

Archery is for Everyone

Whether you are trying to get archery as a family-wide pastime going in your home or simply learning to love this sport as an adult, it’s never too late to learn to love it. Archery can be adapted to multiple ability levels, is a great hand-eye coordination activity, and helps build confidence and friendships.

Whether you are getting back into the sport that you used to love as a kid, or simply living a lifelong dream, if you can lift your bow, you’re never too old for archery.