? Or ?? Portland Trail Blazers “City Edition” Jerseys Leaked

The Portland Trail Blazers are part of a league-wide movement to shake up the aesthetics of the Association. Old-school curmudgeons aside, this has been widely received as a good thing. And yes, that movement continues into 2018-19.

Last season, the Blazers wore four different uniforms. We, the hard-working sports journalists that we are, took a look at which jerseys gave the team the best luck.

Seriously, we did that. Read it. You won’t be disappointed.

As of Wednesday, a new jersey has been leaked. The new jersey will be revealed on Thursday at home against the LA Clippers.

Mr. Portland himself was there with the news on Twitter:

The Trail Blazers themselves have since provided their own information:

So, tell us, Rip City: Flames emoji? Poop emoji? Something in between?

At this point, the Blazers don’t have the luxury of picking nits when it comes to their attire. They’re already skipped over (regularly) for national TV consideration, and it’s not as if they’re the Oregon Ducks circa 2011—a team able to recruit players based on facilities and uniforms.

The Blazers already look good on the court with their hot start, but that has more to do with their play than their uniforms. Or so we think?

Then again, Portland really does have one of the cleanest looks in the league—that, we can’t deny.

Tell us: What do you think of Portland’s new uniforms?

?Or ??