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Another Failure – Portland Timbers Fall In Salt Lake

It wasn’t a bad performance from the Portland Timbers Saturday night against Real Salt Lake. Portland’s team generally played as well as they could and certainly better than expected in Sandy. The Timbers were beaten by a better team. A better team with Nick Rimando. But good teams are a reality in MLS, and Portland […]

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OSN World Cup Primer Part 4 – Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire

Côte d’Ivoire’s national team, nicknamed Les Éléphants, currently ranks as the best in Africa. They boast Didier Drogba, one of the world’s finest and most fearsome strikers of the past decade, and Yaya Toure, one of the very best midfielders. Brazil 2014 is just the third World Cup they’ve qualified for- and it also happens […]

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What’s Wrong With The Portland Timbers?

Draw City USA is alive and well but the fans are sick to their collective stomach. Just what is wrong with the Portland Timbers though is not an easy fix. The poster child for this year’s Timbers team was the derby versus bitter rivals Seattle Sounders. The match against Seattle held such promise for the […]

Frederic Piquionne

Hey Portland Timbers, What About Frederic Piquionne?

The Portland Timbers are screaming it, crying it out in the night, and flying banners through the air with the same desperate message: We need a target forward. All due respect, a team that has Maxi Urruti on the field is basically playing with ten men. Besides Urruti’s incredible lack of intelligence with his running […]

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What’s New? Another Game, Another Portland Timbers Letdown

What do you expect at this point? The Portland Timbers once again disappointed. They were outplayed by a team that won’t exist in six months – the same team they beat 5-0 on the road in the final regular season game of 2013. Ah, how the mighty have fallen. It was the Timbers 1, Chivas […]

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Portland Timbers Have A Must Win Game This Saturday

The first five games of the season have been less than stellar for the Portland Timbers. A miraculous last second goal in the home opener saved the Timbers from losing a regular season game in Portland for the first time since March, 9 2013. They followed up the opening draw with another shaky performance that […]

Belgium World Cup

OSN World Cup Primer 3 – Belgium

The small group of elite teams expected to advance into the late stages of the World Cup aren’t surprising, they’re favorites that make a strong showing every four years, from countries with a basic, ungovernable, insatiable love of the game. It’s more or less a kind of cultural birthright for Brazil to make a run […]

Chivas Timbers

Know Your Portland Timbers Opponent – Chivas USA

Column written by Edward Kilgarriff from, a partner of Oregon Sports News After a turbulent offseason for the LA club, a strong preseason offered new hope for the red & whites. The MLS announced that it had purchased the club from its Mexican owners and were looking for a buyer as well as a […]

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Finding The Humanity In Sports

It’s easy for me to sit behind this keyboard and bash Maximilano Urruti, a 23-year-old forward from Rosario, Argentina. I’ve been doing it a lot lately. I’ve been hammering Urruti because he’s very good at soccer. He reminds me of Jorge Perlaza, who was in town last week and watched the Seattle match at Providence […]

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Portland Timbers 4, Seattle Sounders 4 – Now Who’s Gutted?

The first thing to say here is this: Diego Chara, happy birthday. You the man. Now then: It was a pulsating, dramatic, are-you-not-entertained, do-not-blink, no-you-are-not-dreaming instant classic. And in the end, the Portland Timbers made America’s perpetual hot mess soccer team Seattle Sounders FC look like they had their act together. It was a crazy […]

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The Portland Timbers Are A Mess

I’m disappointed in Caleb Porter. Not because the Portland Timbers are losing. That happens. Teams slump. The good ones break out of slumps, and we’ll figure out soon whether the Timbers are one of those good teams. I’m disappointed in Caleb Porter, the wunderkind second-coming MLS Coach of the Year, because he’s not saying anything […]

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OSN World Cup Primer Part Two – Costa Rica

When the USA’s World Cup group was drawn, there was widespread dismay, as the teams looked nearly impossible to advance beyond. This, Americans said with weirdly gleeful morbidity, was “The Group of Death.” There’s something perversely stirring about impossibility. Lost causes are great to rally behind, and really, one of the greatest pleasures of a […]

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Know Your Portland Timbers’ Opponent – Seattle Sounders

Column courtesy of, a partner of Oregon Sports News, written by Edward Kilgarriff This weekend, the Portland Timbers host longtime rivals, the Seattle Sounders. The most well-known enemy of the Portland Timbers, is none other than the Seattle Sounders. Well let’s start with what’s new. The Sounders were busy in the off-season; they offloaded […]

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Portland Timbers – Bizarre Gloom In Dallas With Seattle On The Horizon

Let’s see: Michael Harrington and Je-Vaughn Watson were simultaneously sent-off for who the hell knows what, Portland’s Dallas ace Darlington Nagbe succumbed to an injury at halftime, and the Timbers conceded late goals in each half in an eventual 2-1 loss in Frisco. All in all, it was a thoroughly bizarre night in Texas that […]