smart helmet

Smart Helmets Not Just For Football

The Pacific Northwest is bicycle mad.  Workers use their bikes for commutes, and recreational cycling is closer to performance cycling.  Looking through the list of cycling route maps available through the Adventure Cycling Association reveals at least six cycling routes that can take a rider through Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Cycling may not be a […]

Tualatin River

Why You Should Be Paddling The Tualatin River

One quick look on a freeway overpass shows a continuous stream of traffic. Not the tributary we’re looking for though, so good thing they built a bridge over that deluge — wouldn’t want to get swept up in that. Not today for the currents of work haven’t rushed us in that direction. Got river on […]

Sports Tank

Three Pacific Northwest Startups Present At TPG’s Sports Tank

Funding and guidance.  To launch a successful startup, you must have both of these.  In the sports/fitness niche, it’s all about differentiating yourself from your potential competitors, as we’ve discussed before.  TPG Sports, which has been in sports talent management for more than 20 years, is helping sports startups with both funding and guidance a […]


It Takes Two To Make The Rio Olympics

Every athlete aspires to make it to the Olympics. It is the dream, the pinnacle of success. For Amy Hastings Cragg, 32, a runner from Kansas, that dream was realized in 2012; though not in the event she had hoped. Having achieved national success at Arizona State University, this cross country runner had her dreams […]

Tech News

Return To Routine – How Tech Is Motivating My Fitness

Almost four and a half years ago, I made a major change in my lifestyle.  It included a significant change to my diet that led to a significant change in my activity level.  In the span of just two years, I went from basically sedentary to jogging.  At 38. Then I broke my tailbone.  After […]

Outdoor Project

The Next Great Sports Or Outdoor Startup – Are You The One?

Have you been reading this column lately and thinking, “I could create an app like that?”  Or, “Maybe my store should go online.”  Even if this is your first time reading my sports/outdoors and tech column, we’re going to take a little field trip into the world of startups this week.  Why?  Because the Pacific […]

A Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Project Morpheus virtual-reality headset sits on display during a demonstration in Tokyo, Japan, on Monday, April 6, 2015. Sony Corp. will begin selling its virtual-reality headset in the first half of 2016, Shuhei Yoshida, president of the company's worldwide game studios said on March 4. Photographer: Noriyuki Aida/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Virtual Reality’s Potential For Athlete Health And Training

At its heart, athletics is about muscle memory. It’s about an athlete training his or her body to take advantage of a combination of learned skills and natural talent. There are all kinds of aids on the market for athlete training, from the most basic training shoe to the latest connected clothing. Yet a technology […]

Trail Run

Gearing Up For Outdoor Fitness The Techie Way

Sure, it’s January, but now’s the perfect time to start thinking about grabbing some technical and techie gear for Spring outdoor sports in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  From Washington to Oregon and all the way inland to my home state of Idaho, there are plenty of Spring outdoor pursuits to start prepping for, and you […]

Trilliam Lake

All About The Winter Loop At Trillium Lake

Snow illuminates the surroundings. The same overcast skies that grey the valley will stand over the previous night’s snow on the mountain, and through light reflection from snow, turn a light on.  Then you go — ‘ugh’, ‘ah’, and cover your eyes with sunglasses to dim it all back down to valley standards. Who wants […]

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Going The Distance – Bikepacking In The Pacific Northwest

As the weather turns in the Pacific Northwest, wheels continue to turn.  Cyclists continue to seek adventurous ways to use their bikes to experience the world.  Here in the PacNW, where there are plenty of mountain biking trails and great roads to be ridden, bikepacking is the perfect all-in-one adventure. Part camping trip, part “road […]

Willamette River Loop

The Willamette River Loop Hike Will Not Disappoint

Urban is a lot of things. An eclectic environ that primarily overlooks hiking. That’s probably because we hikers are stealthy. Prowling by with our packed PB&Js and compasses before the locals even know what sort of manbeast passed by. Which is likely for our benefit since some of those denizens are rough as hell, and […]


Checking Out Mary S. Young State Recreation Area

The Willamette River has yet to lose its Lewis and Clark appeal, only undergone renovations, for better or worse. If you have never explored the river and its banks—then a mystery it remains. Traverse the Willamette River along the rapid traffic of highway 43. Steal glances through sparse clearings at the river. Slam your breaks; […]

Barrett Spur

The Beauty Of Mount Freaking Hood

What is the force that gravitates us to a mountain? Why, I’ll place my bet that a prominent landmark is interpreted as prominence, and we love prominence! Like humans to prestige. Mt. Hood’s eminence spreads in many directions. With a grandeur of size that’ll inform you of a visiting Texan when you overhear “It’s bigger’n […]


Challenge Of The Month – Mount Defiance

A routine is alike to wearing the same shirt every day. Even if the shirt is top of the line—last month’s funk will be today’s reality. So to not be stinky, upset individuals, we need to try something else on for size. Introducing a challenge. Challenges are opposed to rigid routines, and allow for new […]

Henry Hagg Lake

Everybody Needs A Lake – Henry Hagg Lake

A lake for just being a body of water is the most versatile, liveliest place around. Certainly more than H2O is involved with hints of glee, peace, and excitement, or why else would we migrate there every summer? The many elements that create a lake casts a variety show of personalities and behaviors. One patron […]

Cascade Head

Hikes And Runs You Have To Do This Summer

With summer right around the corner the itch to get out and about is in the air. With that said, I pulled out my books, talked to my friends, researched the web and decided to have a plan to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and organized runs and races across the Pacific Northwest. I, […]

The Intertwine

Breakthrough – The Intertwine Alliance

While we have been milling around all these years, something out of the background has been gaining traction. No not terrorism or any other looming disaster. This is a sports site. We discuss the finer things. Games and recreation. So what faddish exercise am I getting at? By no means—this even goes beyond the bounds […]

Tryon Creek State

Get Your Nature Fix At Tryon Creek State

Tryon Creek State, wait, State? Yes, State Park. Yet another perk of living in Portland, where a 670 acre state park exists in the the city limits. Is it possible to keep up with Portland’s abnormalities? Probably not. But eight miles worth of forested hiking trails is one you don’t want to overlook. So say […]