Portland Triathlon

Triathletes Prep For Sunday’s 8th Annual Portland Triathlon

Column written by Kat Banks, writer for, a partner of Oregon Sports News Temperatures are expected to soar over 90 degrees this Sunday, but that won’t stop more than 1,000 competitors ready to race to the finish in the 2014 Portland Triathlon. Participants should be able to effectively beat the heat, as racers will […]

Lindsay Brandon

Bust Out Your [Neoprene] Booties – Fall Is Coming!

Not to be another annoying person to remind you that fall will be here soon, but I’d like to offer some exciting activities that await you besides Monday night, Thursday evening, and all of Sunday. By all means, savor every last bit of barbeque and sun. But in the meantime, I would also like to […]

Anthony Johnson

Weight Cutting Is Here To Stay, Now How Do We Fix It?

Weight cutting is a crucial part of mixed martial arts. Fighters are often put in a position where they must shed fifteen, twenty, even thirty-plus pounds prior to a fight. This tradition of weight cutting crossed over from amateur wrestling, where it is a long-standing tradition. Weight cutting has now become a permanent part of […]


All Worked Up About Working Out – Cool It With The CrossFit Wars

Most of you have probably heard about it, maybe even too much: CrossFit, the workout taking the world by storm one Box at a time (a Box is what CrossFitters, as they shall henceforth be named, call their gym).  Lately, there’s been much ado on the internets about why people do, don’t do, and don’t […]

Green Lakes Trail

GET OUT! Then Get A Beer – Summer Hiking In The Pacific Northwest

It’s finally time to peel off those polar fleeces, flannels and long underwear my fellow lumberjacks and lumberjanes.  We wait patiently for these precious few months for the opportunity to experience our beautiful surroundings without being clad in Gore-Tex everything.  And, some of our best trails in the Pacific Northwest are nearby fantastic local breweries […]

Naked Bike Ride

The World Naked Bike Ride – What Is This About?

A few years ago my wife and I were driving down Hawthorne Blvd with our daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, and we drove by the popular food cart hub on SE 12th. Looking out our windows we saw two men standing in line with their bicycles at one of the carts […]

Muhammad Ali

Box Like Ali To Lose Weight

The weight loss industry works to turn big people into smaller versions of their former selves. Small people don’t take to it the same way. They don’t want to get much smaller than they already are. From surgery to cross-fit to P90-X, people are changing. It’s all good until new research on fitness/exercise comes out, […]

Sand Dune

Running On The Sand Dune At Pacific City

Our long winter is over and summer is upon us. It’s time to dust off the running shoes, get the bike out of the garage, pack up the hiking gear and get your butt outside. When the weather turns nice, Oregon offers a variety of things to do and places to do them. During these […]


Stairway To Heaven – 9 Tips For Climbing Oahu’s Haiku Stairs

Also known as “Stairway to Heaven” and the “Haiku Ladder,” the hike/climb up Hawaii’s Haiku Stairs more than earns the often overused descriptor: epic. If you’re a Pacific Northwester planning a trip to Oahu to escape the gray, rainy weather, I’ve got a destination activity for you. Put this one on your bucket list. This […]


A Case For Running

I hate to run. From the grueling exhaustion, to the joint pain, to the universal fact that time goes by three times slower the second you start running, there isn’t anything to like about it. I used to hate running so much that I would have preferred to spend a day in jail over running […]


Using The Internet As Your Workout Buddy

You have the desire to work out and get in shape, but you have every excuse in the book not to. You don’t have time to go to the gym, a membership is too expensive, you can’t find the right trainer, and on and on. Well I am here to tell you that the excuses […]


The Theory Of Relativity

I’m naturally a high strung person; I always have been. I consider myself easygoing, openminded, and wholeheartedly accepting, but I am an archetypal Hermione Granger. I tend to care too much for my own good, sometimes resisting the natural flow of life without even realizing it. Maybe one day a light will dim in my […]


Hula Hooping For Fitness

An old-fashioned Hula Hoop is more than just a trip down memory lane. These days, a Hula Hoop can be used as an exciting, proven method to fitness. Think about it … swaying your hips, tightening your muscles, laughing at yourself (yes, laughing has been said to burn some calories!) It all makes perfect sense. […]


President Bill Clinton On Sports And Fitness

A good look at the media-tagged Explainer-in-Chief shows a slim man in good shape. And he should be. Bill Clinton had a big turnaround after his heart surgery. He's never looked better after finding the vegan diet. If he lived in Portland, he'd probably consult the Happy Cow Healthy Eating Guide. Does this make him an […]