Tryon Creek State

Get Your Nature Fix At Tryon Creek State

Tryon Creek State, wait, State? Yes, State Park. Yet another perk of living in Portland, where a 670 acre state park exists in the the city limits. Is it possible to keep up with Portland’s abnormalities? Probably not. But eight miles worth of forested hiking trails is one you don’t want to overlook. So say […]

Multnomah Falls

Winter Time Is A Great Time To Explore Multnomah Falls

If you follow the ancient Miocene era lava flows that created the bulk of Saddle Mountain East, you find some more hiking opportunities in immediate proximity of volcanic-spawned grandeur. Specifically, the must see Multnomah Falls. The Falls are an impressive sight to behold. Just thirty minutes outside of Portland, nestled deep in the beautiful Columbia […]


Eight Alternative Aerobic Activities For A Worthwhile Indoor Winter Workout

This column written by Kat Banks of, a partner of Oregon Sports News Portland’s winters are wet and unwelcoming, but that doesn’t deter some of the city’s steadfast and strong-willed citizens from sticking to a regular exercise routine. Maintaining motivation through the dark and dreary months, however, often proves to be a problem for […]


The Guiltiest Hour And A Half Of My Life

The guiltiest hour and a half of my life happened last Saturday. In fact, every year it has become tradition to watch 90 minutes of television and feel horrible about myself. It beats the feeling of guilt I had when I stole a candy bar from the mini-store when I was a kid, or when […]


Five Year-Round Waterfall Hikes That Aren’t Multnomah Falls

This column written by Mercy Strongheart of, a partner of Oregon Sports News There is nothing wrong with Multnomah Falls, and if you have not yet hiked to the top I highly recommend it. (Plus, how many hikes end at a soft serve ice cream window??) But here are 5 brilliant waterfall hikes that, […]


Portland Cycling Coach Turns Entrepreneur

This column written by Mercy Strongheart of, a partner of Oregon Sports News In a city where it can be hard to go a day without seeing a homemade tall bike, a mini-bike parade with a boombox blasting ’80s hits, or a group of elite cyclists whizzing past you in branded clothing, it can […]


The History And Beauty Of Saddle Mountain

Due to Oregon’s inimitable volcanic past, there are a number of incredible geological sights in the state. This includes an impressive formation called Saddle Mountain, appropriately named due to its shape by Lieutinent Charles Wilkes, who led an expedition to the Oregon Coast in 1841. Saddle Mountain, part of the Oregon Coastal Range, is the […]

Angel's Rest

Five Gorgeous Oregon Hikes To Get You Psyched About Autumn

This column written by Mercy Strongheart of, a partner of Oregon Sports News If you’re like me, autumn is a bittersweet time in the Pacific Northwest. On the one hand there’s football, seasonal brews, and everyone and their mother are giving you free zucchini. On the other, the long, gray winter is hanging out […]

Portland Triathlon

Triathletes Prep For Sunday’s 8th Annual Portland Triathlon

Column written by Kat Banks, writer for, a partner of Oregon Sports News Temperatures are expected to soar over 90 degrees this Sunday, but that won’t stop more than 1,000 competitors ready to race to the finish in the 2014 Portland Triathlon. Participants should be able to effectively beat the heat, as racers will […]

Lindsay Brandon

Bust Out Your [Neoprene] Booties – Fall Is Coming!

Not to be another annoying person to remind you that fall will be here soon, but I’d like to offer some exciting activities that await you besides Monday night, Thursday evening, and all of Sunday. By all means, savor every last bit of barbeque and sun. But in the meantime, I would also like to […]