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Many football fans enjoy interesting cup competitions. The famous affiliate partner 1xBet suggests to pay attention to the French Cup. This is one of the biggest competitions in terms of the number of participants. The total number of clubs in the tournament reaches 7000, which is almost 10 times more than in the world oldest FA Cup.

Despite the abundance of weak teams, each of them tries to climb the tournament table as high as possible. There are six qualifying rounds in total, and the tournament began with preliminary stages as early as February 27th of last year. A large number of clubs can be explained by many colonies of France, which are allowed to the competition.

At the end of the seventh and eighth rounds, starts the usual for all cup competitions 1/32 part of the finals, and the representatives of Ligue 1 and lower divisions take part in it. There is definitely something to watch. Among the main favorites, as always, are the following clubs:

  1. PSG – the Parisians didn’t manage to win all the domestic cups last season, but now they want to rectify the situation, having achieved maximum results.
  2. Lille is showing not the most confident performance yet, but the Danes are known for pragmatic football aimed at higher goals.
  3. Lyon – the Weavers need to fix the failed season, and the French Cup is the perfectly suitable tournament for this.

Marseille and Monaco – the clubs of the elite of French football – also have something to prove. Your famous affiliate partner 1xBet allows to bet with high coefficients and generous bonuses. Each registered user receives a lot of joy and opportunities for earning and betting on sports.

Best matches of 1/32 of the French Cup

It’s quite difficult to single out several of the best matches among a large number of games. But, given the level of competition, almost every confrontation provides a lot of positive emotions.

Matches between the following clubs are considered one of the best:

  1. Limone 2:1 Le Puy – modest clubs had a great game, and the home team could defend themselves and win a penalty shootout series even with two expulsions.
  2. Raon-l’Etap 2:3 Lille – the Danes almost managed to miss a comfortable 3:0 but withstood the onslaught of a less powerful opponent and made it to 1/16.
  3. Trelissac 1:2 Marseille – the Marseilles, who missed already in the first minute, played poorly. The club managed to recoup only in the shootout penalty series.

Toulouse has left the tournament after losing to Saint-Privé. The unsuccessful series of the team continued, and it didn’t please the fans, because the club is the main contender for the relegation.


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