Which Portland Trail Blazers Jersey Would You Wear To Coachella?

Somehow, someway, at some point in time, NBA jerseys became the official dress code for music festivals.

I seriously have no idea why this is a thing, but take my word for it, it’s a thing. Now, I understand why people buy booty short bottoms as part of their getup; that’s essential festival/rave clothing – but the jerseys go straight over my head. I suppose if you could style it somehow with the booty shorts, you might be onto something.

Earlier this month, whether he intended to or not, Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors gave the world insight as to whose jersey he might don should he find himself at Coachella, which kicks off today and lasts through Sunday April 12. Needless to say, it was perfect:

As far the Trail Blazers are concerned, you’d want to rep a throwback jersey for sure. Nothing against Dame D.O.L.L.A. or Jake Layman, of course. We wouldn’t want to offend the best player on the team, or Lillard, but this is about throwbacks.

Although the combination of throwback jerseys and niche-bordering-on-cult-status players is seemingly endless, it also makes for a practically can’t-miss Choose Your Own Adventure.

Step 1

Choose a player from the team’s all-time roster.

Step 2

Choose a jersey from the team’s all-time uniforms. (The Oregonian’s Joe Freeman put out an article that can be a good reference.)*

*PRO TIP: Your  jersey choice can be from the era in which the player was on the team, or it can be from a different era. Go crazy!

Step 3 (Optional, but like, why wouldn’t you??)

Choose an accessory typically used by basketball players. (Remember, it’s a given you’re already wearing tall socks, sunglasses and a fanny pack-so choose accordingly.)


What have we got?!