Should The Seattle Seahawks Sign All-Pro Wide Receiver Antonio Brown?

Nov 29, 2015; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin (89) greets Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (84) following a 39-30 Seattle victory at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Antonio Brown has been recently seen catching passes from Russell Wilson this offseason. And if you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan (like myself)…boy, does this not get you excited for the upcoming NFL season?

Wilson has played with some good receivers. Players like Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, and Sidney Rice. But never has he thrown a pass to a player of the caliber of Antonio Brown.

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Brown in 2010. Since then, he has been nothing short of spectacular. He’s a perennial Pro-Bowl wide receiver and a fantasy football stud.

Over the span of his 10-year NFL career, he’s recorded an impressive:

  • Seven 1,000 yards receiving seasons
  • Three 1,500 yards receiving seasons
  • Fourteen 150+ yards receiving games
  • Two 200+ yard receiving games
  • Six 100+ catch seasons
  • Four 10+ Touchdown seasons

Any team in the league would become a playoff contender with Antonio Brown. Yet, it’s been almost an entire year since he’s been signed and just as long since he’s suited up for an NFL game.

So why won’t any team offer him a contract?

It’s because of his off-the-field issues , which led to him missing most of the 2019 season and being cut by both the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots.

Antics after antics. Scandal after scandal. He comes with too much baggage. Too many distractions. It’s no wonder teams are hesitant to pick him up in the off-season.

But IF the Seahawks were able to manage Brown…IF they can get him to buy into the culture and mission of this winning organization…IF they can get him to focus on football and stay out of trouble…the Seahawks would finally have a serious offense.

Here’s why:

They’ve never had a true #1 wide receiver

His route-running skills are as good as any player I’ve seen. Antonio Brown is more than capable of a 200-yard or 3-TD game. And when he’s not doing that, he would draw double-teams, which would allow D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett to get open for explosive plays downfield. It’ll also clear up space for Chris Carson to run the ball and give Wilson time to work his magic. 

Putting points on the board

The NFL is full of high-flying and high-scoring teams like the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. The Seahawks can’t afford to settle for 3 points anymore. And with an Antonio Brown on their team, they won’t have to. One of his most impressive abilities is gaining yards after the catch, which usually means he runs into the endzone for six or he puts his team in great position to score on the next play.

Converting third-downs

He’ll be valuable to a struggling Seahawks team that finds it challenging to convert on 3rd downs. Nothing kills a team’s momentum more than three and outs. But the Seahawks have made it a habit to thrive on scramble plays. I’ve seen that scene play out far too often. 

The Seahawks snap the ball on offense. The defense blitzes and Wilson scrambles for his life. He’s juking pass rushers left and right. With defenders breathing down his neck, all of a sudden he lets the ball loose. The ball soars through the air. The camera tries to keep up. And as the ball falls back down, a wide open Seahawks player comes into view. He snatches the ball out of the air. Makes a defender miss. And he’s in for the touchdown!

Finally a special teams threat

Antonio Brown is a smart and elusive ball carrier, and he’s a lethal ball returner. It’s been a long time since the Seahawks have had a serious special teams threat. Not since we had Ricardo Lockette shutting down punt & kick-off returners. Not since we had a returner like Devin Hester or Leon Washington, who could put us in great field position or take it all the way. 

So Should the Seahawks Actually Consider Signing Antonio Brown?

It depends. There are a lot of IFs attached to this potential acquisition. But they’ve handled controversial players before like Richard Sherman, Marshawn Lynch, Shaquem Griffin, Derrick Coleman —the list goes on.

Actually, his situation reminds me a lot of another troubled player in Josh Gordon. Another spectacular wide-out who has struggled with off-the-field issues. But when he came to Seattle, the organization was able to steer him in the right direction.

America is the land of second chances, after all, right?

Yes, Antonio Brown has a lot of growing up to do. I agree he needs to prove that he can be a true professional and prove that he’s mature enough to play in the NFL.

The mantra of this Seattle Seahawks team is to always compete and challenge yourself. Brown will have to compete and challenge himself if he wants the privilege of playing in this league again. He’s going to have to be humble and earn every ounce of respect back. And especially if he wants to wear the blue and green and represent the city of Seattle.