Oregon Ducks – Multiple Players In Hospital After Tough Workout

The NFL is filled with some of the fittest and strongest athletes in the world of sports, so it’s important for college football players to train hard to try and succeed in the sport they love. It doesn’t come without its difficulties though as not only will players have to play hard and train even harder, but they also have to make sure they sleep and eat well to keep themselves in good shape throughout the season. The Oregon Ducks is one of the many college football teams that has a workout regime that can prove to be tough, which is why it’s not surprising to hear in recent news that some of their players were hospitalized because of the intense workout they were put through.

Three Players Hospitalized

The whole squad were put through their paces in what was described as one of the most intense workouts the team has ever been put through, and that ended up being the reason why three players were hospitalized soon after. The team is currently going through a transitional period with training which involves a mix of heavy workouts and light training. The three players that were taken to hospital haven’t been officially named, but reports suggest the players are Cam McCormick, Sam Poutasi, and offensive lineman Doug Brenner.

What’s the Damage?

A lot of reports suggest the players will be out of hospital after a bit of rest, but there are other reports that suggest one of the player’s mothers has come out to the media and said her son has been diagnosed with a condition known as rhabdomyolysis, which can cause severe kidney damage if it isn’t treated quickly. Whether the news is accurate or not remains to be seen, but this is certainly not the news any of the players, managers, or parents wanted to hear.

What Will Oregon State Do?

Oregon State University have already made contact with the media and have said they are looking to address the training issue. If one player was hospitalized because of intense training then it could have just been because they were dehydrated or tired, but seeing as three players were taken to hospital, this means there is something severely wrong with the training regime.

New Strength & Conditioning Coach

Willie Taggart, the current head coach of the Oregon Ducks is said to have hired a new strength and conditioning coach just a month before this incident happened, so it could be that his practices didn’t work out and the players suffered from his training severely. Recent reports suggest Willie Taggart has since replaced the strength and conditioning coach, which will come as good news to the players and parents.

Tough Fixtures Ahead

It’s never good when players are in hospital because of intense training methods, but now the players must try and recover as quickly as possible so they can get back to business on the field playing the sport they love. If further problems arise because of the intense training workout they were put under, then there could be repercussions for the strength and training coaches in the near future, but hopefully the players will recover nicely and get involved with the upcoming fixtures.

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What’s your views on the workout regime they were put under? Do you think the Oregon State University should be investigated for their training practices? Either way, we all hope the players will make a full recovery so they can keep performing for the Oregon Ducks on the field.