My Personal Three Principles Of Eating

Through my personal healing journey, I’ve experimented with just about every diet known to man. Keto, vegan, and even the ear stapling diet. Ok, maybe I didn’t try the ear stapler. The bottom line, what I’ve figured out is simple. All of these fad diets and fear-based mongering around food are unhealthy. Eating a nutritious diet is simple, enjoyable, and doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are three principles of eating I’ve discovered throughout my healing journey. 


This one is probably one of the most overlooked in regards to the nutrition world. Female models look slim, starved, and yet beautiful all in one. It may be eye-catching, but it may push women to try to achieve an unideal body type. 

Not everyone is born with a lean six-pack, and some people may actually benefit from keeping on a few extra pounds. The key words being: “a few.”

A primary component of not getting enough calories is heavily restricting carbohydrates from the diet; this is a considerable facet of the keto plan. 

Many people follow this regiment because it results in rapid weight loss. 

What they don’t tell you is that the second you start eating carbs again, the weight comes back. And your overall gut health will likely be in a worse place, making it easier to add LBS. 

A simple trick I found is eating whole foods such as rice, beans, and if you want to get extra fancy, you can try “Ezekiel Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas.” Those tortillas may sound boushy, but they sure are convenient. 

Whole foods like these will keep you satiated longer and should help combat weight gain.

These types of carbs have a much different effect on your system than a cream-filled donut with extra caramel. 

Just remember serving size matters; we’re not all Takeru Kobayashi.


Speaking of Kobayashi, we may be consuming enough calories to garner his respect in a standard American diet.

In one outing at Red Robin, we could easily consume enough calories for an entire day. 

For example, if you order the “Whiskey River BBQ Burger, a side order of fries, and one beer, you’ve already eclipsed the 1,500 calorie mark. And this isn’t including sauces or the extra order of fries you know you’re about to eat. 

But you can also do this with healthy food, which may not be realized. 

For example, one serving of almonds rings about 160 calories. A general rule of thumb is about one handful of nuts per serving.  

However, if you’re how I used to be, one handful turns to two, two to three, three to four, and suddenly you’ve just consumed an entire meal worth of food just by snacking.

If this sounds like you, don’t fret. It’s healthy to treat yourself once in a while. Maybe even once a day. 

The key thing is balance and moderation. If it seems unreasonable, it probably is. 

Eat What You Want 

This principle was probably the hardest for me to grasp, and to be honest, I’m still working on it. 

The healthiest diet is not to put yourself on a diet. And by placing this ideology on yourself, you’re trapping yourself in a mental prison.

I’ve lived in this prison for quite some time now, and it feels like I just got released. It feels like I can get back to loving food again. 

Because that is what food is about, it’s above love. It’s about connection, culture, and family.

It’s the way your Mom’s favorite dish makes you feel when it comes hot to the table. My personal fav was spaghetti, but oddly meatloaf popped into my mind. 

Back to the point, as long as you’re consuming anywhere from 2000-4000 calories a day, you should be alright. Some people may need a little more, some a little less. 

But stop with the crap food: meats, nuts, rice, fruit, and veggies. There are so many phenomenal options out there. Just do your best to be conscious about what you’re putting in your body, and don’t overthink it.

But most importantly, eat what you want, and not what you think you should. Food is meant to be loved, not feared. 

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