Improving Family Bonding Times With Basketball Arcade Games

Nothing boosts family bonding time like games and interesting activities. When you have young children, having them cooped up inside can practically drive everyone crazy. Thankfully, summer is underway so the whole family can take out time to bond and have fun while enjoying some interesting games. This article here shows the benefits of engaging in sporting activities as a family.

There are different sporting games we can engage in. One of these is the basketball arcade. This is a simple game that mimics the regular basketball but only involves making shots from a fixed position at a net. It has a very controlled environment in which balls are thrown and they return to you for another throw.

This game is especially best for families that really love basketball. It is most definitely something that will not only keep everyone active but also keep the fun going.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Basketball Arcade

Should you decide to get this game, there are a number of factors you will need to put into consideration to help you make the right pick. We shall look at a few of these right away.

Number of Players

This is one thing you definitely need to consider. These arcades are built in different ways. Some can allow for more than one player to player simultaneously while some others will only allow one player to play at a time. Look at your intended setup and those who will likely be playing so you can determine which option will be best for you.

Player Age

While everyone can play with this game, it can also be age specific. This means that you should know the age range of those who will be playing with it and choose one that will most suit them. If it’s something for a child, then you can consider the kind in this video.

Aside from the actual size of the setup, the size of the net and ball is also critical. Those designed for children will have smaller nets and smaller balls while those designed for adults will have bigger nets and larger balls. Be sure that the balls will fit nicely into the hands of whoever will be playing it.


In situations where you have different sizes of players who play at different times, you may be better off with one that is adjustable. That is, when the younger ones want to play, it can be adjusted downward to suit their size and when adults need to play, it can be adjusted upward.

Space Management

Here you will need to consider the amount of space available for this. You could either get something that can fit into a dedicated space in your home or you could get one that is foldable. This means that whenever you want to play, you pull it up and then fold it down when you are done, freeing up the space for other uses.

Extra Features

There are other features to look out for. Examples include a scoreboard which keeps count of each person’s correct shots. You may also want to consider the sound effects that come with it as this can add some added excitement to the game.

Number of Balls Included

Knowing exactly how many balls that comes with a particular product is encouraged. You should be able to determine if the number of balls will be sufficient or if you will have to purchase additional balls to supplement what comes with the purchase. The simple fact that one has more balls than another can be a determinant of which you will purchase especially if other factors are the same.

Setup Ease or Difficulty

These games have varying levels of difficulty when setting them up. Those for children are a lot easier to setup than those for adults. Before making a commitment, be sure you know exactly how easy or difficult it will be to set your purchase up so you can make proper preparations should you need some expert assistance.

Overall Build

Generally, you should look at the material used and the general build. You most certainly need something that will withstand a lot of use and not something that will fall apart after a short period of use. One of the most important things to consider here is how sturdy the frame is and what material it is made of. Stainless steel is always a good option for many reasons.

A Few Recommendations

Having briefly looked at some factors to consider when making a purchase, we will now look at some top recommendations as gotten from

ESPN EZ Fold Indoor Basketball Game

This is a double player option that is also foldable. It is great for where space is an issue since it can be folded back into a compact package when not in use. Some of the features it comes with include an LED score board, eight different game options, gaming sounds and four 7-inch balls.

The product is well made with a stainless steel frame. Installation is also made easy with the 3D instructions that can be accessed via the game’s app.

Kiddie Play Kids Basketball Hoop Arcade Game

This is a kiddies option suitable for children between the ages of 5 and 10. It is designed for a single player so it has just the one hoop. The ball size is 7 inches so that younger players can throw it with ease.

Assembling this is easy and requires no tools. You should be able to get it fully assembled in about 10 minutes. Your kid will surely love this.

Lifetime 90648 Double Shot Deluxe Basketball Arcade Game

This is another two player option for both adult and younger players. It can also fold up when not in use but it adds the advantage of being adjustable. It can be adjusted to suit the age of the players at the time.

It comes loaded with 12 gaming options, a digital 3-digit scoreboard and of course plenty of sound effects to liven the game up. It is solidly built with powder coated steel frames and heavy duty ramps. This option will stand up to years of usage.

These are just three top options. If you do not find what you need from these, there are many more to choose from. The important thing is to choose an option that will enhance your family time.