How Will No Fans In Stadium Impact Sports Betting In Oregon?

Sports look differently, these days. The rules remain in place. Referees are still making calls and players show up for every game. But there’s one element of sports missing: the fans. From the NBA and the NHL to MLB and MLS, no sport league in the US is accepting spectators.

 It would be reckless for teams to accept fans in these tough times, anyway. But there’s no denying that sports look different without spectators. Some games look hollow and dull. And are not as interesting to watch or even bet on.

If you’re doubtful, read on to discover how spectators impacts sports betting.


Before 2020, the last time an American sports franchise played a game without fans was when the Baltimore Orioles hosted the Chicago White Sox in 2015. It was an odd match for TV viewers. 

Balls produced an echo when hit. Players didn’t seem thrilled playing sans fans and most people interviewed after the match said they wouldn’t want to watch a game without spectators again. In other words, no one enjoyed the game.

Against that backdrop, it’s unclear sports bettors will be thrilled to watch matches with zero fans. Unlike regular spectators, gamblers don’t really have to watch games. They could get all the data they need on mobile apps and website.

But they watch games for the thrill of it. They stay put for four hours to watch an MLB game because they enjoy both the games and the reactions of fans in the stadium. With no fans to jubilate and boo opponents, viewership will go down.

Betting to Shift Online

Sports betting is now legal in Oregon although it comes with its fair share of rules. The most notable concern is that you can’t wager on college sports. Again, the only way to bet is through an app provided by the state lottery.

You can find out more about Oregon Sports betting at  Learn what sports and leagues you can bet on and how to it like a professional.

That said, online betting makes the most sense to punters who traditionally wagered at betting shops. It also makes sense for everyone staying at home due to pandemic concerns. Fortunately, it’s a convenient way to bet.

With online betting, all you need is an email address and name. Then you can create an account, deposit and bet. At some gaming sites, you also receive a welcome bonus or a free bet as a gift. Other benefits of wagering online are:

  • Fast and safe payouts
  • Quick customer service
  • Competitive odds
  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Convenience

The Quality of Games

Imagine hoping for a classic when the Yankees host the Red Sox. You predict a close game in which New York wins with less than three innings. Then you wager on specific players to complete home runs. 

Unfortunately, the game turns out to be a flop sided, dull match because some players don’t get the sense of competing with no fans. If you watch sports closely, some games played without fans are showing a lack of quality and this is bad for punters.

Do fans influence player performances? Lebron James (LA Lakers) and Bob Bradley (LA FC manager) believes so. The basketball player had vowed not to step on the court if the NBA dared to resume without fans.

In contrast, Bradley believes soccer “has no soul” when played without spectators. That’s because many athletes play to not only win but to also wow their fans. With no one to impress in the stadium, some players might become reluctant.

And if players aren’t 100% ready to play games, it will affect their personal and team performance. In other words, punters will lose the most when players and clubs aren’t performing as they should.

Home and Away Factors

Some sports leagues are choosing to resume inside bubbles rather than have players move around the country. The NBA is hosting games in Florida while the NHL has stations in Edmonton and Toronto.

Although these bubbles are proving effective in preventing virus infections, they have an impact to sports betting. Traditionally, home teams have a significant advantage regardless of their squad value. 

With bubble sports, no one has an advantage and that makes it more challenging to predict. Of course, the present status quo levels the playground. And that gives each team a fair shot at the NBA, or NHL title.

But if you’re like most punters, you now have to research more to determine which basketball or hockey team wins every game. 

Choosing Proper Stats

As mentioned, predicting matches is a tad difficult for most punters. And that’s partly because determining the proper stats to use is confusing. 

Let’s start with the effects of a long break on players. Some teams aren’t performing at their best for various reasons. So, how long should you wait before you stop considering them in your wagers?

On the flip side, how do you attribute in-game performance to outside factors? For example, is a low-scoring soccer match because of poor coaching or distractions by the outside world?

Of course, you don’t have to worry about court advantage in the age of sports bubbles. But you must worry about players choosing to skip upcoming seasons for health reasons. You also need to pay close attention to head-head matches and referee decisions.

Finding Value Odds

Most professional punters pick wagers carefully, preferring those that offer the best returns for money. Unfortunately, the recent disruption of sport has brought about plenty of challenges to the betting odds.

Finding value odds is much more difficult than ever before. In some leagues, experts are finding it impossible to determine the clear favorites. In contrast, data that might have traditionally helped you find undervalued teams is useless now.

Don’t lose hope yet. Most bettors are as confused as punters. And that means it’s not impossible to find value odds. These are the wagers to bet on in these times.