How Can We Analyze Seattle Kraken’s First Year In The NHL For Now?

It is difficult to analyze the Kraken’s first year in the NHL without being subjective. That is because, the last expansion team that entered the league did nothing less than reach the Stanley Cup final… in their very first year. Therefore, anything lower could have seemed like a failure. But in all honesty, it was almost impossible to do as well, either. Here is what we can take away from the season, now that we are at about two-third into it.

A Good Team to Bet Against

With sports betting on the rise, sadly the Kraken has been one of the favourites to bet against for gamblers. With odds varying from one betting website to the next, many of the fans are turning to the UK, to find the best ones, since they are known to be a secured solution where to place bets. The right way to do so, is to visit the best new, to discover the various offers available. Because, although they are a safer bet than other teams, the fact that the Kraken loses so often, also reduces the quality of the spread, in terms of potential gains. Nonetheless, we can definitely say that one of the qualities of the team, was that they were easy to bet against.

A team that remains in the Game till the End

Although the team has already lost 34 games, out of 55, it needs to be pointed out that many of them were only decided by one goal. However, the General Manager of the team said, a few days ago, that in the end a loss is a loss. He came to that conclusion as he was trying to figure out what to do with some of the players on the team, as the trade deadline is coming soon. His decision is that something needs to be done, since they are not getting the results that they were looking for, when they formed the team, less than a year ago. So although we can also say that the Kraken tend to be competitive in tight games, it is not enough for them to be considered a good team.

A General Conclusion

The last expansion team that entered the league, were the Golden Knights in Las Vegas. They were the first team representing the city, in a high-level national league, and they did it justice, by going all the way to the final, in their very first season. They benefited from new rules that were created for the original draft of the players that would form the team, by acquiring players from the rest of the league. It enabled the Vegas General Manager to do some wheeling’and’dealing with the rest of the other general managers, since it was still an unknown process. But in the case of the Kraken’s draft, everyone was prepared, and so the team did not benefit from the opportunities the Golden Knights received. Yet, everyone in the administration of the Kraken admits that the results are still way below expectations, and that there needs to be adjustments made, over the course of the next few years, to build this team into a competitive one.