Hair Regrowth Treatments That Help Men Regain Their Confidence

Is your hair gradually thinning or are you experiencing hair loss? Here are some cutting-edge hair regrowth treatments that help win back confidence.

Each time you look in the mirror your hair looks thinner and thinner. It’s enough to leave your self-esteem in shambles, to say the least. The sad truth is, you’re not alone in your condition.

Baldness is a common problem many men have that can be caused by a variety of different reasons. Some men only need to make a few life changes to get their hair back. Others aren’t as lucky.

The good news is that there are plenty of hair regrowth treatments that can give you back your beautiful locks if your issue is rooted in genetics. Check out this guide to learn more.


There are currently two forms of hair loss medication that you can pick up to treat baldness. These are minoxidil (Rogaine) and finasteride. Spray minoxidil on your scalp twice a day to start seeing results. 

Minoxidil is over-the-counter but finasteride is not. It’s a pill that you take daily that requires a written prescription from your doctor.

In the case of both treatments, you will have to continue using them. The moment you stop your treatment, you’ll start to experience hair loss again. 

Hair Transplant 

If traditional medications don’t work to solve your problem, you may have to ask your doctor about surgery. There are a couple of branches of hair transplant surgery. Follicular unit transplantation involves taking a small patch of skin from the back of your head and removing the follicles from it. 

These follicles are then inserted in the area where you’re experiencing the most hair loss. In follicular unit extraction, the follicles are removed right from your scalp and placed where your hair is thinning. 

Laser Combs 

Laser combs are a pretty new type of treatment thought to stimulate hair growth for men by using a concentrated amount of light. 

The results of this treatment vary from person to person and it works best if you combine it with some of the other treatments on this list. 

Scalp Massage 

Scalp massages feel amazing and can help you with your thinning hair problem. It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth. 

Wigs and Hair Pieces 

If all else fails, there are always wigs and hairpieces. Buying a wig works well in cases of permanent hair loss and if you simply want a non-medical way to treat your condition. 

Getting a quality wig can be expensive but we have good news. If your hair loss stems from some kind of medical condition, your health insurance provider might cover the cost. 

Hair Regrowth Treatments You Should Try Out

Hair loss is a common problem in men that can result in lowered self-esteem. There are plenty of medications and other hair regrowth treatments that will allow you to get your luxuriant locks back. Get started with some of the methods on this list. 

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