Get To Know Oregon Duck Commit Jordon Scott

Christmas Day was a big day for the Oregon Ducks football program as they landed one of the biggest commits in the nation.

Three-star defensive tackle Jordon Scott from Largo, Florida committed and signed with the Oregon Ducks. The 6-foot-1-inch, 345 pound standout Pinellas Park High School was somewhat of a surprise commitment for Ducks fans and media.

Scott, thought to have been headed to the University of Louisville, not only committed to play ball for Oregon, he signed his financial agreement so that he could enroll in school when classes started after winter break.

During his senior year, Scott amassed some pretty impressive stats. The defensive tackle had 88 tackles, 29 tackles for a loss, and 10 sacks. He was named First-Team All-State in Florida 7A football.

Thursday night, I had the chance to chat with Jordon for a while. Get to know one of the newest Ducks and then check out his high school highlights below.

Garrett Thornton (GT) – What attracted you to Oregon?

Jordon Scott (JS) – Coach Leavitt and Coach Taggart.

GT – When were you first in contact with Oregon?

JS – With the new coaching staff, Coach Taggart.

GT – How long have you been playing football?

JS – Since I was about 5 years old. My whole life pretty much.

GT – So when you look around the NFL, who is somebody that you model your game after?

JS – I’m not sure. I mean, I’m just me. I believe that I can do things that Vince Wilfork did. I can do things that DeMarcus Ware did. I mean, right now, I’m just really trying to focusing on me and getting better at what I do best.

GT – Oregon fans are going to love to hear that! So you said that Coach Leavitt and Coach Taggart are what attracted you to Oregon, were you also attracted to any of the jerseys or facilities or any of those things?

JS – Well, I had never been here, until I got here. I already knew that Oregon had the best facilities and in terms of things they had for athletes so that was never an issue for me.

GT – Everyone is going to want to talk to you about football, I want to let Oregon fans get to know the Jordon Scott away from the football field. What kind of things do you enjoy away from football?

JS – Science.

GT – Science?

JS – Yeah. Just science in general. I took a lot of science classes in high school. Enjoyed it.

GT – So what’s your major going to be at Oregon?

JS – Right now I am planning on majoring in General Studies, and something in science.

GT – Great. So, away from the football field, what are some things that you and your friends enjoyed doing back home?

JS – Playing Madden and 2K.

GT – What team were you on Madden?

JS – I usually use the Tennessee Titans.

GT – Oh yeah, are you a Marcus Mariota fan?

JS – I am, but I don’t really pass the ball that much, run offense.

GT – What team are you on 2K?

JS – Oh, the Cavs!

GT – That Cavs team has built something special, huh?


GT – Who’s your guy?

JS – Oh, LeBron’s my guy.

GT – Who’s better, LeBron or Michael?

JS – LeBron.

GT – Why? What’s something that sets him apart from Michael?

JS – He’s an all-around player, Michael was more of just a scorer. I mean, LeBron is just doing it in every category.

GT – Yeah, LeBron is pretty special. Jordon, what kind of music do you enjoy?

JS – I listen to a little bit of everything. Kodak Black. NBA Youngboy. Um, I get a little bit of Lucci in there too.

GT – OK. Cool. So what are your first impressions of campus?

JS – I mean, it’s nice out here. I ain’t never seen snow before so it’s cool. It’s always something that I wanted to do as a kid.

GT – Well, show up to campus and you’ve got snow.

JS – Yeah, and I hear that it doesn’t snow too often so it’s cool.

GT – Do you have any nicknames?

JS – Mac. My brother called me that.

GT – So who has been most instrumental in this recruiting process that landed you at Oregon?

JS – God. I wouldn’t have been here without him. It’s just what was meant to be. I mean, a lot of situations that could have happened, didn’t because I was going off of what he had in store for me. I believe that he meant for me to be here. I’m just here to do what I can do to help the team win.

GT – That’s great. Thanks Jordon for taking some time to let Oregon fans get to know you a bit. Looking forward to seeing you in spring ball and then in the fall.

JS – Yes sir! Appreciate it.

Jordon is a really cool kid and will be a great fit for this Oregon team that looks to improve their defense to help contend for a PAC-12 title, and then a National Title. He is a bright kid that got a 3.6 GPA in high school, but he also knows how to get after it on the football field. Check out his highlights and let me know what you think Jordon will bring to the field come September.

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