For The Love Of GIF, We Can’t Trade Meyers Leonard

As the NBA trade deadline nears, Portland Trail Blazers’ All-Star point guard Damian Lillard has practically labeled Ed Davis as untradeable. If Paul Allen is taking to heart the opinions of his franchise player, Davis may be safe from packing up and moving out. And I agree with Lillard. I’m huge fan of Davis’ game. Even as the NBA tries to run players like him to extinction, Ed keeps proving how valuable players who rebound and hustle are.

But, there is another player whom the Blazers need to deem as untradeable.

Meyers Leonard.

Yes, you heard me right.

We need Meyers Leonard because we need his GIFs to help us express our everyday emotions on social media.

Pat Connaughton used to be the Blazers’ de facto celebrator-in-chief, going to the player who mostly sits on the bench but whose enthusiasm never waivers.


But, Connaughton has earned some serious playing time lately while Leonard has gotten shuffled to the back of the rotation.

However, Leonard’s demotion to the bench has not stopped him from being the best teammate ever. Dude is a standup guy if there ever was one. In fact, kids facing any adversity should take notice. Do you see Leonard sulking on the sidelines? Hardly. He’s still working as hard as anyone on the team by supporting his teammates. Leonard’s loss is our gain. Especially for giving us an outlet to express our everyday joys and sorrows.

Here are just a few Meyers Leonard GIFs and reactions I have used in my life.

Here is me getting my work done early on a Friday so I can leave at noon.


Remember this GIF?


Here is my reaction when I found out I could finally replace it with something else.


Here is me every Monday morning.


This is my reaction to my daughter getting an C in gym class.

This is me finding an extra three cents in my paycheck.


This is my reaction in traffic when someone is nice enough to see my blinker and actually lets me into their lane.


This is me looking at a plate full of Fire on the Mountain jerk wings.


As you can obviously see, we can’t let Leonard go. We need him in our lives. Meyers is the greatest GIF 40 million dollars can buy. I’m sure there will be many more of these celebrations and reactions in the future to be cherished and forever enshrined in seconds long videos. Leonard is an untradeable asset not just the Trail Blazers, but to all our lives.

Please, Trail Blazers; don’t trade Meyers Leonard. Besides, there just aren’t enough Zach Collins GIFs yet.

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