Essential Turkey Hunting Gear For Beginners

So, you are into hunting, huh? And now you want to give turkey hunting a try? Well, I can’t blame you. This is probably one of the most exciting endeavors you can pursue. While I am not blaming you, I am a bit worried about you. Because – you can easily get addicted to this thrilling sport. You wouldn’t be the first, nor the last person that got hooked on hunting turkeys.

Hold Your Horses

I suppose you can’t wait to get started. You’re probably already picturing yourself with a shotgun, carefully threading and approaching the animal, so as not to spook it. But, hold it right there for a second. You need some equipment first. And, as you can see at, it takes more than a shotgun to be successful in your turkey hunt. You simply can’t do it without properly gearing up.

And yet, if you are just getting started, it might be a bit difficult for you to figure out what kind of equipment you actually need to get and whether it’s within the Oregon Concealed Carry policy. Let’s face it; the market is full of all kinds of tools and you cannot buy them all. Still, going on a “trip” like this without the essentials is utterly irresponsible, as well as ineffective. If you’re not going to do this the right way, then you might as well just stay at home and watch some YouTube videos about the sport.

But, if you are seriously thinking about engaging in this activity, then you need to get a few facts straight. Whether you want this to be a once-a-year hobby, or you are thinking of devoting much more of your time to the sport, you have to learn how to start. And in order to start, you need to buy some basic equipment. Let’s check it out.

Shotgun And Ammunition

Unsurprisingly, this is the most important thing you need. Without the weapon, you are nothing more than a boy scout, or a girl scout, wandering and exploring the area. Or, what’s even worse, you might be a pain in the neck for the person who is actually trying to do some hunting while you are tagging along. Nobody likes those who get in the way and make sounds while they are actually trying to listen for turkey sounds. Useful content.

So, get your own weapon, shut up and start listening to yourself. Getting a turkey gun is a good idea if you only want to hunt these animals. However, if you think you might spread your interest, then get yourself a proper shotgun. Obviously, you will need some ammo too. There are manufacturers who produce turkey shot-shells, and they might work for you perfectly. Of course, don’t forget to practice before hitting the field.


Naturally, you need to purchase some proper clothes when going on a turkey hunt. And you have to be really smart while choosing. Turkeys have an amazing sense of sight, so you need to resort to some camouflage tricks. That is unless you want the animal to notice you before you notice it. I don’t know how that goes in your favor, but hey, maybe you like the thrill.

Therefore, get yourself a proper shirt, pants, a hat, a facemask, as well as some gloves that will serve as good camouflage equipment. Choose the right pattern and blend in with the environment. The type of pattern is not that significant, though, so get the one that you think will suit you the most. The choice is all yours.

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Where do you think you are going without proper footwear? Do you think you can hunt in those old sneakers? Well, I hate to break it to you, but they won’t get you anywhere. Unless you want to turn around and go home after, say, 15 minutes. I’m not even sure that you would last that long. Boots are a must when you decide to do this.

When choosing your boots, comfort is the most important factor. Depending on the area and the ground you are covering, you can go for either ankle-high or knee-high footwear. The design and appearance are not that important in general, but if it is important for you, feel free to find some stylish boots.