Essential Cyclist Gear And Accessories

When you ride a bike for exercise, you must consider all the gear you need. You can create a well-rounded experience and maximize your fitness output with the right equipment. Here are the essential cyclist gear and accessories that all bike riders must have.

Water Bottles and Cages

Riding a bike ride up and down hills and through bumpy trails means you’ll grow thirsty, so bring a water bottle. However, uneven terrain could jostle a water bottle out of place. That’s why you need a grippy water bottle and a secure bottle cage. Without the right gear, you could lose an important source of hydration on a long ride. The last thing you want to do is backtrack to a lost water bottle, or worse—ride without water for several miles.

Cycling Wearables

Cycling isn’t all about the bike; it’s also about the cyclist. Prepare yourself for a bike ride with gear that fits your body and prevents chaffing. Cycling wearables include everything from bike shorts to helmets to gloves. These items can prevent injury while you’re working out and enjoying the fresh air.

When looking for cycling wearables, check their durability. If you want to avoid tearing your cycling gloves, you should find a pair that will hold up under all weather conditions and long-term exposure to friction.

Safety and Security

Whether you ride in downtown Portland or in the mountainous wilderness, you need a bike lock. When you need a quick pit stop to grab water, use the bathroom, or eat a bite of food, you can keep your bike secure with a lock. Use a bike lock with a specific lock or combination to ensure no one snatches your precious tool.

You should also think about your personal safety during the early morning and nighttime. The darkness may help you stay cool when exerting yourself, but it also means that drivers on the road can’t see you as clearly. Find headlights for your bike and wear reflective gear.

Whether you prefer your local streets or Oregon’s beautiful Scenic Bikeway routes, cycling outdoors is an incredible opportunity to burn calories and build muscle. The mix of cardio and strength training makes cycling a create option for those who need a healthy mix. Remember to grab a few of the essential cyclist gear and accessories before hitting the trail again.