Delivery Of Best Prohormone Stacks Into The Body

Prohormones have been around for some time. Most pharmaceutical companies have changed their consistencies and ingredients, and the ones today are way better than those in 1996. The best thing about the new generation of prohormones is that they comply with the laws of many states and countries to let everyone know that they are safe and that the side effects are minimal. 

Introduction to Prohormones

Most people don’t like to take steroids, and their alternatives are prohormones. The tablets are precursors for specific chemicals in the body, such as estrogen, progesterone, and androgen hormones

Like any other steroids, prohormones are considered to be agonists of the androgen. This means that any receptor in the body that contains androgen agonist will bind with the prohormones in the pills. This binding will result in testosterone-like effects such as increased in libido, muscle mass, aggression, and densely-packed muscles.

What’s the Difference Between Now and Before?

As mentioned, prohormones have been around since the late 90s. The difference between those pills manufactured before and today is that the delivery system is better today. This means that the ingredients can be easily absorbed, and the entire process does not cause undue stress to the liver. Some of the anabolic steroids in the market are difficult to metabolize. Hence, long-term usage of the steroids can cause liver damage and other side effects. 

Here are some of the delivery methods that are present in the new generation of prohormones.

Cyclosome Delivery

Cyclosome is a new technology that increases the solubility of the pills. It prevents the burst release of the compounds, which often results in the body acting negatively towards the new “invaders. Instead, the delivery is similar to that of the “Trojan horse” system, where the testosterone boosters circulate the blood through the route of the lymphatic system.

Note that for the body to absorb the tablets, all oral medications must undergo the first-pass effect. When this happens, the drug concentration is significantly reduced, and the liver and other organs absorb most. Since the effectiveness of prohormones is milder compared to steroids, without the cyclosome technology delivery, the active compounds in the pills will be deemed useless if they will just be absorbed by the intestines and pass on as urine.

Liposomal Delivery

This is a delivery system that is often used in the medical industry. The liposomes have hydrophobic cores that prevent water from coming inside it. There’s also a hydrophilic shell that protects the core; thus, ensuring that the molecule inside the pills will not be easily degraded. The shell allows the tablets to be more soluble when the whole process is in the liver, so the effects are greatly enhanced.

More Information about Stacks

There are several prohormones available out there. Some are DHEA, which slows the process of aging, improves body composition, mood boosters, and boost cognitive functions. Others are hydroxy progestins, which can give you dry muscles, more strength, faster muscle recoveries, and appetites. You can know more information about other kinds of prohormones when you click here on this site. There are also side effects and cycles that you need to look out for to have a successful workout regimen.

Some of the stacks are good for strengthening your body. You can do heavy lifting and bench presses easily when your body can handle a lot of stress. You can add additional strength with a stack of prohormones. Note that what works for others may not work for your body, so it’s better to consult a pro when you are still in the beginning stages.

Other best stacks such as decaduro or androdiol can increase your lean muscles and help reduce fatigue. You can fully bulk up in a month without the help of steroids. Combining the right products and stacking them with each other will make enormous gains while keeping the liver functioning efficiently. You can know more about other prohormones available and see if they are suited for your body’s needs.

About Post Cycle Therapy

After a few weeks on prohormones, it’s time to give your body a rest. You can do this by doing cycles. Whenever you finish a cycle of six weeks taking specific stacks, you need a post cycle therapy pill that will keep your testosterone levels higher. This way, you can keep the lean muscles that you have gained after some time of exercising. You can read more about PCT here:

There is a lot of different prohormones available in the market, and you can get the muscles that you want without resorting to steroids. You can stack each of them according to your goal of bulking or cutting and see the results that you want after a few months. You can follow the cycle up with a post cycle therapy to maintain your body. Before buying any prohormone pill, it is important to research everything about it to know what to expect.

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