Andelsspel – All The Tips And Tricks To Winning The Bet

Andelsspel, known as Swedish trotting in English, is one of the biggest and most popular sports in Sweden. There are 33 tracks scattered all over Sweden that hosts on average 1,000 races each year. 

The race is specifically aimed towards 4-year-old horses that race against each other. What makes Andelsspel different to other horse racing events, is the predominant harness and cart attached to the young horse’s back. Sitting on the two-wheeled cart is the rider. Together, the rider and the speedy stallion race against other horses for the number one spot. 

Who comes racing towards the tracks aren’t the horses, but people who enjoy the fantastical spectacle while betting on their favorite horse-and-rider combination. 

How do you win the bet? Follow our list of tips and tricks to give you a head start.  

Understand the Rules

You have to understand all the rules and regulations of Swedish trotting before getting into the game. There are different rules across the globe, if you want to take part in Sweden, you’re going to have to adhere to the Swedish trotting rules. 

If you are well-informed on all the different pre-competition, pre-race, time references, starting procedures, prohibited gaits, prohibited medications, and sanctions, you’ll be able to spot the best team for the win. 

Knowing what contenders should and shouldn’t do is part of calculating risks and rewards. 

Know the Riders and the Horses

Ultimately, you’ll be betting on the horse-and-rider duo. Betting on a team on a whim might bring you some luck, but it’s best to actually do some research on the competitors. If you’re not into harness racing and it’s your first go at the game, then get to know the racers first. 

Racing tracks will have some statistics available on the competing teams on their websites. You’ll be able to see who won the race at the previous event and who is said to be the favorite. 

In very rare occasions, the underdog wins the race. But it’s most likely that the favorite will have a winning day. Check the race cards to see who will be competing and whether they were in the running to first place the previous few rounds. Sites like share great tips and information on the jockeys and horses. 

Another determining factor of the horse’s performance is the jockey. Some jockeys can boost their horses to victory if they’ve been in close second for some time.  Some horses just do better with more experienced jockeys. Therefore, it will be wise to check whether the horse is accompanied by a substitute rider on the day. 

Go Risk Free

Many racing tracks offer a risk-free bet for newbies at an extremely affordable fee. If you aren’t used to the track itself, then don’t put all of your money on your team. Get to know the game and the betters from the area before hitting hard. 

Check the News

Especially if you are becoming a local at the race tracks or with online betting, you need to know what’s going on. News channels broadcast information about serious races almost every day. 

Broadcasters will comment on all highlights and provide an inside look to any dark horses that might have intriguing profiles to win. Watching commentary from racing experts will also give you a good idea of what racers will be in the same leg. If there are two favorites competing against each other, then you need to know the stats to pick the potential winner. 

Stay up to date with the latest news in Swedish trotting by following this page:

Know Where to Bet

If you want to enjoy the races out of the comfort of your living room, then you need to do some research on which sites you should bet on. Trotting websites have different sign up offers and betting pools. Shop around and find one with an easy-to-use interface and an immediate payout method. 

Countries that are enthusiastic about betting on Swedish trotting is Norway, Sweden, USA, France, Canada, Denmark, Australia, and New Zealand. You want to be part of a group that has a lot of users to ensure a bigger pot to win. 

Checking the algorithms, statistics, and news will definitely higher your chances. But never underestimate or ignore that lucky feeling within your gut.