A Guide To Betting On NAPs

Phrases and key terms used in horse racing make it more of an obstacle to get better acquainted with betting on the sport. By missing out on some of the finer details of betting on horse racing, you’re likely to miss out on some exciting opportunities to bet. You’ll find this with the horse racing NAP, where it’s worth putting in the effort to come to terms with it so you can back your own horse tips with insight and reasoning.

What is a NAP in horse racing?

Out of all of the bets that you might consider making on horse racing, the NAP is the single horse tip that you see as being the most likely to win. It’s always backed as a single and it’s never based on how large the odds are, instead being focused exclusively on the likelihood of the chosen horse winning the race. This means that your odds will be significantly shorter than most bets you’d usually make, but as long as it wins, it will be enough to show your expertise for picking a NAP.

The word NAP originates from a French card game called ‘Napoleon’, where the best hand you can have is also called a ‘Napoleon’, eventually shortened to ‘NAP’. By it being a quick and simple way of identifying the best hand in a card game, it would also be the best possible bet you could have in horse racing, so it was recognised for effectively carrying the same meaning in both circumstances. Most betting websites now provide their own NAP tips, and it’s to be expected with it being the closest thing you can get to achieving a bet that’s guaranteed to win.

How do you pick winning NAP tips?

If you were looking for a bet to have on the day’s horse racing action, you’d need to do your research in order to identify some horses that are capable of winning their races (or placing if that’s the bet you were interested in making). NAPs need the same level of attention to detail to track down horse racing bets that stand a chance of winning but with more of a focus on how likely it is to win.

Unlike a lot of bets that you’ll make, there will be barely any risk involved at all, making it a bet that you can advertise to your followers or friends as being something that you’d rate ahead of all other horses racing over the given day.