AJ Green

Fantasy Football Draft Preview – Wide Receiver Tier Rankings

Greetings, and welcome to the third article in our 2015 fantasy football preview series! If you missed part one that covered quarterbacks and also detailed the methodology behind my ranks, check it out here. Part two covered running back tiers and talked a little early-round draft strategy, and can be found here. So with that […]

Russell Wilson

Dear Mom, Russell Wilson Did Not Disrespect The Seattle Seahawks

After writing about Seattle’s long-term future and the need to secure its franchise quarterback, one of the “commenters” took me to task. The following is an actual email I received from my mother in response to a piece I wrote about Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks:  Hi Sonny Boy, I think Russell Wilson disrespected […]

Eddie Lacy

Fantasy Football Draft Preview – Running Back Tier Rankings

Welcome to part two of our fantasy football preview series! If you missed part one, which outlined my methodology and ranked the quarterbacks, you can find that article here. Running backs have been going through a bit of a revolution in fantasy football over the past few seasons. Ten years ago it was standard practice […]

Andrew Luck

Fantasy Football Draft Preview – Quarterback Tier Rankings

It’s the most exciting time of the year, as preseason games are in full swing, the sleepers are starting to emerge, and the draft boards are beginning to form. Fantasy football, much like the stock market, is a game based on finding value. Take Odell Beckham, Jr. or C.J. Anderson late last year? You ended […]

Offensive Line

The New NFL Siberia – Playing Guard For The Seattle Seahawks

It used to be that if a player was misbehaving or under-performing, a coach would threaten to trade him to Green Bay. It worked. Nobody wanted to be sent to Siberia. Of course, this was before the arrival of newly crowned NFL Hall of Famer Ron Wolf arrived in Siberia, bringing in Mike Holmgren, Brett […]

Seahawks Broncos

Seattle Seahawks – A Discouraging First Game Versus Denver Broncos Leads To 22-20 Loss

Preseason is not the place to draw any conclusions. Thank goodness for that. The Seattle Seahawks looked more like a team in rebuilding mode Saturday night than one developing elite depth to support elite starting talent. The three big areas to watch coming into the game—offensive line, pass rush, and Christine Michael—all were underwhelming at […]

Seahawks Training Camp

Training Camp Is A Must Go For Seattle Seahawks Fans

“This feels just like we are going to a game except we are not drinking.” Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to attend my first Seattle Seahawks training camp practice. The quote above, among a plethora of opinions ranging from contract ideas to how we should utilize new tight end Jimmy Graham, was heard standing […]

Nick Foles

NFC West Season Preview Part One – St. Louis Climbs Out Of The Cellar

During the course of the 2015 NFL Preseason, Oregon Sports News will feature a weekly season preview of one of the four teams housed by the NFC West. Each weekly breakdown will feature one of the division mates (previews to be scheduled based on ascending order of the 2014 division standings) with roster and coaching […]

Douglas McNeil

Seattle Seahawks – The Dark Horses

There are 90 men attempting to squeeze into 53 spots. Those odds seem long, but when you look at the truly open spots on this ultra-talented Seattle Seahawks roster, it is more like 46 players battling for 9 spots. These men can take solace in knowing that no front office in the NFL is more […]

Seattle Seahawks

Three Things To Watch In The Seattle Seahawks’ First Preseason Game

Yes, you can get excited about preseason football Two more days until the Seattle Seahawks kick off their 2015 preseason schedule at CenturyLink Field against the visiting Denver Broncos. No, it won’t wash away the bad Super Bowl taste in every 12’s mouth. It is, however, a start. We may not see much from starters […]


Kam Chancellor Needs To Honor His Contract With The Seattle Seahawks

“Show me the money.”  A line made famous by Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character in Cameron Crowe’s 1996 drama Jerry Maguire.  But while a fictional depiction of a modern day athlete’s perspective on professional sports, it’s also a realistic portrayal of an NFL mindset bordering on absurd. NFL football players earn their money.  I’ve made my […]


Youth Rejuvenates Seattle Seahawks Pass Rush

It was the talk of the NFL after Super Bowl XLVIII. Seattle Seahawks pass rushers appeared to be coming from every crack and crevice of MetLife Stadium to harass Peyton Manning into a pedestrian performance. They came in waves. Chris Clemons and Cliff Avril, and then Bruce Irvin and O’Brien Schofield would attack the edges. […]

Donald Trump

If NFL Coaches Were BFFs With 2016 Presidential Candidates

As we prepare to simultaneously begin the NFL preseason and the sideshow that will be the first 2016 Presidential Debate, I thought it would be fun to imagine who would pair up as best friends (also because I can’t bear to write another speculation about the Seattle Mariners and reflecting on Ronda Rousey’s match would […]

Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks Showing You Can Keep A Team Full Of Stars

Sign the stars, cut the veterans and rely on young talent. This seems to be the motto for John Schneider and Pete Carroll once again after the signing of Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. The Seattle Seahawks are doing what has been nearly impossible: keeping together the stars of a championship team. Yes, not every […]

Pete Carroll

Parsing Pete – The Seattle Seahawks Coach Speaks

Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll may be the sun-shiniest head coach in the NFL. His enthusiasm is well-known and infectious. Sometimes, it takes a little unpacking to understand what Positive Pete really means. Here are some of his latest quotes: “Right now if we were playing a game, Lem would start for us.” In […]