Sidney Rice

Seattle Seahawks – Curiouser And Curiouser

The Seattle Seahawks recently made a couple of intriguing moves, adding to their offseason roster depth. Welcome back, Sidney Rice and welcome to the team, former Oakland Raider Terrelle Pryor. Now what? Starting material? Based on their contracts, neither should be expected to be starters. Rice, the Seahawks’ erstwhile No. 1 wide receiver, jettisoned earlier […]

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Seattle Seahawks’ Offseason Update – Keep Calm And Swole On

Let’s be honest: Seattle’s never had a championship team and therefore never known what it feels like to be picked-through like a fruit stand at a Sunday Farmer’s Market.  Our harmonious yoga-practicing team finally achieved enlightenment (or brought back the Lombardi trophy, same thing, right?), and now their perfect balance would be forever ruined! Since […]

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Changing Of The Guard At The Seattle Seahawks Running Back Spot?

The Seattle Seahawks’ rushing attack has been a beastly affair, of recent. How much longer can the Seahawks expect to remain a top-producing rushing offense as a mostly one-man operation? The Seattle Seahawks’ offense goes through running back Marshawn Lynch. A rarity it today’s pass-happy NFL, the Seahawks, by default of design and available talent, […]

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Three Seattle Seahawks That Will Step Up In 2014

In the NFL, there are two kinds of players: key performers and role players. If you’re the latter, your team’s personnel department is always looking to replace you. In the Seattle Seahawks’ championship season of 2013, a handful of part-time role players were called upon to play major roles. Here are three former role players […]

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Seattle Seahawks’ Draft Strategy Shaping Up

For a draft-and-develop-minded organization, the Seattle Seahawks did not reap much in the way of first-season benefits from their 2013 draft class. This trend must not continue in 2014. With the major shots in NFL free agency already fired, the Seahawks are looking at a net loss in terms of free agency additions/subtractions. Having just […]


Seattle Seahawks’ John Schneider And Green Bay Packers’ Ted Thompson – Has The Student Become The Master?

The Seattle Seahawks are the ideal. As the current Super Bowl champions, their path to success is presently being dissected, deconstructed and emulated by 31 wannabe-champion contenders. The chief architect of the team, Executive Vice President/General Manager John Schneider, was once an acolyte of Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson, himself a former Super […]


Seattle Seahawks Free Agency Analysis

Most NFL fans are aware by now of the reputation that Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll have developed for maximizing production out of undervalued players. But once you win a Super Bowl, the value of your players that go on the market can skyrocket and the opportunity for more money […]


NFL Draft Primer – Best And Worst QB Picks By Conference

A lot of buzz is being generated about which QB will go off the board first on May 8th.  Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville (AAC), Blake Bortles of Central Florida (AAC), and Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M (SEC) are the three top picks at the moment, but the winds of change could blow in at any […]


Takeaways From Week One Of NFL Free Agency

As always, week one of free agency has posed more questions than it promised to answer. How will Chip Kelly use Darren Sproles? Can Jim Harbaugh salvage the career of Jonathan Martin? What the hell is going on in Cleveland/Jacksonville/Buffalo/Cleveland/Tampa/Oakland/Cleveland? While we will have to wait until the draft so see everything shake out, now […]


The Seattle Seahawks’ Personnel Department Issuing One-Way Tickets Out Of Seattle

The sure-to-be-new-look 2014 Seattle Seahawks are already starting to look pretty new. A scant 24 hours into the NFL’s new year saw the Seahawks say goodbye to former No. 1 pass rusher Chris Clemons, former No. 1 wide receiver Golden Tate and starting defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. These weren’t “who dats” and role players. The […]


Shark Week, Seattle Seahawks Style

Don’t turn on your television and tune to the Discovery Channel. That Shark Week is months away. Instead, it is Shark Week, NFL style. And the biggest chum in the water turns out to be the Seattle Seahawks. Other franchises are circling in the water, smelling blood and they are prepared to take their bite […]


NFL Free Agency Opens For The NFC West

NFL free agency has gone live and the NFC West should have plenty of movement as all four teams look to upgrade on their roster from last year, even world champion Seattle. Here is a look back at how each team finished the previous season, what their biggest needs are, and what their suggested moves […]


Seattle Seahawks’ Brandon Browner Not Gone For Good

As far as Brandon Browner’s NFL career goes, this week’s news that announced the end to his indefinite suspension was the difference between life and death. The current and about-to-be-ex-Seattle Seahawks cornerback will be a free agent when the new league year begins on March 11 at 4 p.m. Eastern. Browner, the 6’ 4” 220-lb. […]


NFL Also-rans To Pick At The Seattle Seahawks’ Roster

The NFL is a copycat league. Now that the offseason is in full swing, with the National Football League annual Scouting Combine in Indianapolis from Feb. 22 – 25, it’s time for the copycats to get copying. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The current Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks, are […]